Sony Set To Power Up PSN With Its Own Original TV Content

Sony have sat quietly in the middle as Netflix and Amazon stuffing the internet’s tubes with streaming TV and films, the most headline grabbing of which have been new and exclusive series, and Microsoft made hard to ignore overtures towards the industry when they unveiled the Xbox One, trying to pitch the console as an ideal multimedia device.

Yet Sony could be ideally positioned to capitalise on the potential new market from both these angles. They have one of the most popular devices on the planet for watching Netflix, in the PS3, the network to deliver content via PSN and, most importantly, the TV and film empire that is Sony Pictures. It’s only sensible for them to try and put all of those pieces together, and they’re finally making their move with Powers.


So, Sony Pictures Television are backing a 10 episode series for PlayStation Network based off the Powers comic series, which mixes super heroes with police procedurals and crime noir. Powers has long been in development as a TV series, with the comic’s writer, Brian Michael Bendis, one of the producers on the show, but has been bogged down since a pilot was shot for the FX Network in 2011.

This move from Sony Pictures wouldn’t just rescue the show, but also seems to marks a renewed focus on breaking into the streaming TV market.

Source: Variety



  1. So do we have to pay for this?

    • All we know is that there’s a TV show in production, that it’s an adaption of Bendis’ Powers TV show, and that it’s destined for PSN.

  2. Could be good, especially as Sony have the resources to draw on. Some of Netflix’s exclusive content has been alright, though I still approach it with trepidation, despite the fact it’s realistically no different than any other TV channel.

  3. And for every country besides Ireland, thanks Sony!

  4. Pricing is key.

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