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Ubisoft “Can’t Fill The Memory Budget” When It Comes To Watch Dogs On PS4

Ubisoft has been talking to Sony via the PS Blog about the PS4 version of Watch Dogs, the open world hacking title that will be releasing at the end of May, and how the hardware was taken advantage of during the development of the game. A few days back Ubisoft released a trailer showing the PlayStation exclusive content which you once again view above.

One of the more interesting points of the interview is that due to the amount of memory available on the PS4 Ubisoft just haven’t been able to use all of it. Colin Graham, the animation director on Watch Dogs said:

“From an animation point of view we’re always running out of memory, especially when you start developing towards the end of a console generation, so PS4 allowed things like reduced animation compression and more variety in civilians. From my point of view it’s a bit like working with an unlimited budget because we can’t fill the memory budget on PS4. It’s a really nice piece of hardware.”

There was also talk on how the Dualshock 4 will double up as Aiden’s smartphone where the touch pad will bring up the map of the city, and from there you’ll be able scroll around as if you were on a smartphone navigating a map. Ubisoft have already used the touch pad as the map button in ACIV: Black Flag but you couldn’t scroll around it with touch, at least not that I can remember. Ubisoft also wants to see what players get up to and will be looking to see those expereinces through the Share button.

Source: PS Blog 


  1. So wait, they haven’t maxed out the PS4 yet? Slackers. I’m pretty sure devs were talking about maxing the PS3 after about 2 months.

    • I remember Naughty Dog saying they maxed out the PS3 with Uncharted 2. Then funnily enough when Uncharted 3 came out they managed to max it out a bit more. Then when The Last of Us came out damn PS3 should’ve blown up. I think this is just something devs say to big up their games before release. Ubisoft need lessons.

      • I am not an expert but I think that as they continued to develop their games on the ps3 they were able to come up with more efficient ways to cram as much information onto it as possible. So while the amount of space wouldn’t have changed the way it was used meant it could store/process the information more efficiently.

  2. Not surprised really. 5-6GB budget resource is a lot and I’m guessing the majority usage will be the GPU memory pool rather than the CPU.

    As for the difference of time that Stefan mentions above, it’s a case of developers shift from the ridiculously low (256/256 on PS3) to the ‘more than enough’ of PS4. PS3/360 just had an insanely low amount of RAM and mainly relied on fast CPU/SPU tech.

  3. Dat Sony exclusivity deal.

  4. Cant wait for this game, roll on May.

  5. After inFamous and ACIV, I’m a bit jaded with open world games. What I really fancy is a tightly scripted, beautifully designed action game. Maybe Bound in Flame will deliver.

    Anyways, I’m saving all my sandbox love for Arkham Knights…

  6. Bodes well for future games on PS4.

  7. To my mind, as much as I enjoy Infamous, and AC, open world games for me are defined by RPGs – give me some Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6 (or hell even just Skyrim on PS4/XB1 with far better textures, and less load/save issues) and I’ll be happy.

    Although Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition also have my interest

    • +1 for Fallout 4, can’t believe it’s not being worked on, somewhere :)
      I have said I wasn’t keen on some of the changes in Witcher 2, but Witcher 3 looks so good it has got to be worthy of another try ;)

      • Oh God, Fallout 4 on PS4… Just take my money!

      • Aye. Fallout 4 would be a nice wee surprise on PS4.

  8. Pretty sure you could scroll on AC: Black Flag…

    • You definitely could, it didn’t work particularly well though.

      • Agreed – you certainly could… But I never did. It was much easier just to use the sticks

    • Agreed on both points, it was ‘sticky’ and the stick were just easier iirc

  9. I wonder if this is as a result of the One holding the PS4 back perhaps?

    Although I think this should probably be taken with a pinch of salt as it was Sony they were talking to.

    • To be honest, you’ll probably find the same thing on the X1 as well. They’re still finding their feet and will be getting the most out of the machines in a few years or so. Equally, it’ll be because they’re pushing the limits of each machine as far as technically possible (for that moment in time).

      When I play “new gen” games on the PC, it’s interesting to see the memory it takes from my RAM (not GPU). Thief was 1.8GB or so (in Task Manager). If it’s taking the same from my GDDR5 on the graphics card, then that’s about 3.6GB in total. Room to play with when it comes to the consoles.

      • Using Thief as an example, I’d like to know what it’s doing with the 3.02Gb of GDDR5 that GPU-z says it’s using off my 4Gb graphics card – it’s not like it looks *that* pretty ;)

      • There were some moments in the latter chapters that looked lovely. Sure, the world is damp, dark, germ-infested and gloomy but it still looks the business. Mind you, I think the devs (of Thief) aren’t really top-drawer devs when it comes to optimisation. ;-)

      • Yeah, this is still very early days and there’s a wealth of knowledge to be learnt before games will truly be making use of the hardware.

        Have you noticed any other PC games doing the same thing? Watch Dogs will be my first new gen game, so I’m hoping for good things when historically, Ubisoft’s PC optimisation has been pretty poor.

  10. You could scroll the map in Black flag using the touch pad, just not well

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