Get Even Gets VR In This Behind The Scenes Video

Get Even, from The Farm 51, surprised us all back in January. It was one of those announcement trailers that you have to really squint at to see which bits are real and which bits are CGI. That’s thanks to the stunningly detailed 3D scanning technology that the developers are using to create environments.


Well, now they’re fully embracing the VR future that we’re all expecting as the game is on course for its 2015 release. They’re not only aiming to have VR supported in their game, they’re putting VR in as a key gameplay element so that, even if you’re playing on a traditional screen, your characters will make use of VR in the game to change the way they see things.

In the video above, you can see one of the developers playing with an Oculus Rift developer’s kit and the game is naturally targeted for PC release but with the future of VR opening up to companies like Valve and Sony, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for it to appear elsewhere too.

You can show your support for this ambitious title on their Steam Greenlight page.



  1. I really like the look of this

  2. The game sounds awesome, especially moving between different realities.

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