Get Even Delayed Due To Recent Events

Bandai Namco have tweeted that upcoming first person thriller Get Even has been delayed until next month due to the recent terrorist attack in Manchester. Whilst the game’s plot is in no way similar to the tragedy, some of the imagery and themes (which I won’t describe for obvious reasons) could hit a nerve.

Source: Twitter

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Bit odd tbh. Due to recent events, I’ve postponed doing the hoovering until further notice.

  2. Having read further, it seems there is a very loose connection. So fair enough if they wanna delay, but still seems a bit odd. Doubt anyone would have noticed/cared. Hoping it’s not a crude marketing technique to get a few column inches for a relatively unknown game.

    • No it’s not, the game features children in peril, including a bomb. Hence delay.

      So shush.

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