Podcast: Episode 136 – Blackgate, Little Big Adventure and Alien: Isolation

While we may have been missing Peter for this week’s podcast recording, it wasn’t a total loss as we managed to grab Vaughn Highfield as a special guest. Even more fortunate was the fact that he had spent time at the recent Rezzed expo, and was happy to share his experiences at the show with us. As well as seeing a fair few indie games, far too many for me to recount here, he also got to try out Alien: Isolation which, frankly, sounds superb.

Of course, we had our regulars on the show too. Lewis has been playing a lot of Little Big Adventure, while Kev has watched Olympus Has Fallen. As for me, I’ve played a bit of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition on the PS3, where it’s fair to say I wasn’t overly impressed. We’ve also all been playing Monument Valley, although we didn’t have an awful lot of time available for chatting about it.

On top of that there is, as always, your weekly dose of news, a quick fire quiz and a rather brief questions section. If you do have any questions then please send them in, we really do like hearing from you!

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  1. so, the secret is finally out, Kev’s been some kind of bot the whole time, he’s just malfunctioned or something this week.

    that Kevatron400 twitter name makes sense now. o_O

    the scariest Alien experience i’ve ever had was the Alien War show/event/thing, i went to one they were running in the basement of the Trocadero in london.
    so, soo many years ago.

    it starts out where you’re supposed to be touring a facility and then everything goes wrong, and then you get escorted by these marines, through corridors filled with facehugger eggs, at one point we got in a lift and somebody was pulled out the doors just as they were closing, and then later on we’re all sitting in what was supposed to be a shuttle, and then the lights start flashing and then an alien appears out of the darkness.
    with the alien, the guns the flashing lights and the noise, it was pretty freaking intense.

    i have high hopes for the new Alien game, if it can emulate the tension of the classic original movie, it could be great.

    i miss Peter. ^_^

    • First – :)
      Second – That alien experience sounds amazing and terrifying.

      • i found some videos on youtube that show some of the show.

        you don’t get the real effect from the videos because it looks like they’ve got all the lights up for the film crews there, but it should give you an idea of what it’s like.
        it looks like they’re all from news programs of the time.


    • I actually checked while editing, and the first time Kev actually speaks is at the 8 minute mark.

      • so he’s not a robot? he was just slacking off? ^_^

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