Attention Vault Hunters, Borderlands 2 Hits PS Vita Next Month

Borderlands 2 will launching on PS Vita this May with all six DLC packs and cross save support for the PlayStation 3 version of the game.  The United States get the game on May 13th but annoyingly the EU PS blog just dates the game for May, although it would be safe bet on it arriving on May 14th.

“We’ve been working hard to jam pack the endless looting and mayhem of Borderlands 2 into the palm of your hands, and we’re committed to porting over the heart and soul of the console original without compromising the gameplay you know and love,” said Gio Corsi, Director of Third Party Productions at SCEA.

A special PS Vita bundle has also been announced for the States which includes the new slimmer, lighter PS Vita Wi-Fi model, Borderlands 2 and an 8GB PS Vita memory card for $199.99.

Source: EU PS Blog


  1. Can’t wait, still need get back to borderlands 2, ain’t touched my ps3 gaming side since ps4

  2. Hoping it plays well on the Vita. Never did finish it on PS3.

  3. Doesn’t look very good… let’s hope the framerate is solid, eh?

    • Yeah, i agree. I was hoping for a little less blockiness if im honest

    • It’s a screenshot though. I’ve taken many snapshots of Vita games and they’ve rarely looked as good as the original image being rendered on a smaller 5 inch screen. I can imagine this looking pretty decent on the actual Vita console when it runs. Only issue is how the framerate will hold, hopefully it’ll hold nicely.

      • … unless you were referring the video (too tired to notice it at first). Though I can barely see much in the video. The amount of enemies in a scene looks a bit scarce.

    • One thing that always impresses me about the Vita is that gameplay trailers usually use the whole video screen area so they look pretty good on your HDtv. The fact that this video doesn’t do that might be a reason for concern.

  4. Looks great for a port! This is exactly the sort of experience I got my Vita for, very exciting!

  5. Hmm, not sure I’m gonna pay £40 (ShopTo & Amazon) for this, seeing as I have it free with PS+ on PS3! Might pick it up if £30 or under.

    • Ok, so I’ve just found it for £24.99 on Zavvi. As unreliable as they are, I’m sold!

      • Yeh I can’t resist that price if I’m honest. Might just go preorder now actually. Maybe get some co-op in then?

      • Yup, I’d be up for some co-op mate – I should imagine there may be some 4-player trophies to get too.

      • Count me in too :)

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