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Dead Nation Will Be Shuffling On To Vita This Week

The Vita version of Dead Nation was announced at E3 but since then news of the game has been scarce. Now we have a release date for Dead Nation Vita, and it’s coming April 15th in North America while Europeans will be getting the game on the 16th. Cross buy will be supported so if you already own the PS3 version then you’ll have access to the Vita version at no extra cost. This also counts for the Road Of Devastation DLC.

Price wise Dead Nation Vita has been priced at €7.99, with the Road Of Devastation DLC being €3.99. Both will be available in a bundle priced at €9.99. UK prices weren’t put on the blog.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Wow! Didn’t know about this, that’s nice news.

  2. Great game, which I would have missed if it wasn’t for the TSA PS+ comp.
    Is it cross buy for the PS4 version too?

    • Nope. PS4 version is classed as a different game.

      • A ton of people will have got this when it was given away as part of the Welcome Back (& did we say that we’re really, really sorry yet?) thing after the PSN hack, and the PS3 version was also on PS+ at the end of 2011.

        So there’s quite a good chance that you already have it.

  3. Excellent, i look forward to playing it again on Vita.

  4. I got this free after the apocalyPS3, does that mean I still get it on vita?

  5. Oh cool – I hope it shares a trophy list so I don’t have to endure the Grim difficulty again, lol!

    I’m already putting myself through that challenge again on PS4!

  6. sweet, can’t wait to give it a go on Vita.

  7. Always thought this was pretty much ideal for the vita.
    I got it with ‘soz we b0rked and gave your deets away’ program, so glad I won’t have to pay for it!

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