Rain World Will Be Pouring On To Vita & PSN

Survival platformer Rain World has been confirmed for a Vita and PSN release, as well as the ambiguous beyond, and will be published by Adult Swim Games. The game was funded through Kickstarter raising $63,255, almost $40,000 more than the initial funding goal. The game will have multiplayer too allowing up to four players to navigate the levels.


The basic gist of Rain World is that as an alien creature you must traverse a planet, avoiding enemies and the rain. That’s because the rain is deadly and will kill any creature caught in the downpour. It looks like an interesting title with a certain charm to it. A release date hasn’t yet been announced yet.

Source: Kickstarter</em>


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  1. So many great an unusual games coming to Vita, I love it. Kickstarter certainly seems to be helping a lot.

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