Podcast: Episode 138 – Captain America, Tengami and Trials

It really does seem tricky to get the entire podcast crew together. Alas, it was Peter who missed out on this week’s podcast, but never fear, Lewis, Kev and I managed to pull together a podcast anyway.

This week we’ve got a bit of chat about Tengami from Kev, before Lewis shared his thoughts on Trials Fusion, which spilled into a discussion about Trials Frontier, the new iOS entry into the Trials franchise. From there Kev and I moved onto talking about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and then onto our weekly quiz.

Of course before all of that was our round up of the week’s news, and at the other end of the podcast were our answers to your questions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. well in the most recent episode of Agents Of Shield, a side character left to go somewhere, which is where he was in The Winter Soldier.

    i won’t go into more details than that, but it shows when the movie events happen in relation to the series.

    and i don’t remember Stark appearing at any point in the movie.
    he was mentioned, but i can’t recall him actually appearing.

    but that could just be my memory. o_O

    the trouble is with 3d, a lot of these 3d films are post converted, never anywhere near as good as stuff filmed in 3d.

    at best it’s not quite as good, but at worst it looks like flat images floating in front of each other.

    and there was quite a bit of ghosting with the Cap movie.
    very distracting.

    given the choice, i’d see any post converted films in 2d.

    as for knowing why a person quit/was fired from a job, i think if there’s the possibility that the person was mistreated in some way by the company then don’t the potential buyers of that company’s product deserve to know?
    and in a creative industry the morale of the artist can have a big effect on the quality of the product.

    but ultimately, i’d say it’s down to the person, and/or the company.
    if either party feels aggrieved enough.

    as for the NDA question, you could say if they refuse, that’s evidence they are under an NDA, if they’re not there’s no reason why they have to be evasive, they can just say no.
    unless they like to tease people.
    seems like something Hideo Kojima would do. ^_^

  2. Haha, just as I expected, the tries to say my Polish greeting was really funny xD But, I have to say you guys were pretty close to how it is suppose to be said :D Congratulations, well done. Kris was the closest one to reading it perfectly, but Kev and Lewis took the Russian approach which was bloody funny :D I showed this to my wife and she also found it very funny :D

    Holy crap, I did not noticed she was the actress from Friends! Damn, I though Ubisoft is lucky and after Jade Raymond, they now have another good looking female in their management staff!

    Thanks for answering my question :D It came to me while playing Hotline Miami, which soundtrack is just bloody fantastic. My wife hates it, but she doesn’t like electro music in general, so it’s understandable, but for me – ace ! Just like the game.
    My favourite soundtracks are: (of course) various Final Fantasy soundtracks, the Tenchu series, as well as Ace Combat (The Belkan War and Assault Horizon are just masterpieces). Listening to soundtrack brings a lot of great moments back to me. Emotions and stuff like that. I love to listen to them at work, helps me focus on my tasks ^^

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