Borderlands 2 On PS Vita Runs “In The Vicinity Of 30 FPS”

The U.S. PS Blog has gone hands on with the PlayStation Vita port of Borderlands 2 and report the game runs  “at a solid clip, generally hovering in the vicinity of 30 frames per second.”


They also report that the co-op has been downscaled and you now only be able to play with one other person in a team of two, rather than teams of four found in the orginal game. The SCEA Third Party Production team “strived” to include four-player co-op in the game but late in the day decided to cap on-line co-op at two players.


It has also been revealed that you use the PS Vita gyroscope to aim when aiming down the sight. Borderlands 2 will be available on PS Vita next week, will you be buying it?

Source: PS Blog


  1. Yes, I am buying it. Think this is the perfect game for the Vita. Actually cannot wait.

  2. I am very tempted by Borderlands 2.

    Still haven’t picked up Final Fantasy X for the Vita though, and God of War is also coming next week…

    • God of war yeeah!! You can have my FF HD vita, the game sucks couldn’t get into it lol

  3. Very tempting given that it looks good and plays well. Not sure how I feel about the co-op though. 4 players was a right nice mash up, but 2 seems a little lacklustre.

  4. Im tempted by this, but having played the PS3 version to death and got the plat, im not sure i want to do it all again.

  5. From what I’ve seen on a few websites its out on the 23rd I think it is of this month.

  6. I’m not a huge fan of B2 on the PS3, don’t get me wrong i enjoy it but it’s getting a bit meh (i’m very neat the end)

    Is it bad I still want to buy it on the Vita just to get some decent fps action after Mercenary? I’m craving non indie action!

  7. I’d rather wait for reviews on it. I’ve got the Sly Cooper Collection to keep me entertained.

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