Plus Points Challenge: Mercenary Kings Results

This month’s Plus Points Challenge contest was for the fastest time completing the first level of Mercenary Kings – Guns N’ Blades as well as a bonus points contest for the collection of the most bonus materials in a single run of the same level. After the comparatively low turn out last month, it was great to see quite a few people joining in and a rather competitive spirit throughout.

The results of the main contest were yet again tight but Lieutenant Fatman recorded the fastest time of 1:05 to take first place and the top spot of 10 leaderboard points for this month. He was closely followed by MikLSP in 2nd place and gordon123 in third. A new entrants this month by the name of carrot381 finised in 4th spot and Matheson made up the rest of the top 5.

In a very nice touch, Lieutenant Fatman decided to upload videos of his attempts as he gradually whittled seconds off his time. You can watch his quite astonishing winning run here:

Naturally, he sits at the head of the results table:

Pos Name Fastest Time
1 Lieutenant Fatman 01:05:00
2 MikLSP 01:16:00
3 gordon123 01:20:00
4 carrot381 01:21:00
5 Matheson 01:24:00
6 XIII_WarMachine 01:32:00
7 Treehugger 01:49:00
8 X1BALBAABLAB1X 01:58:00
9 dellboy1983 02:00:00
10 Richie100 02:04:00
11 sick__puppy 02:12:00
12 Rocketminx 02:38:00
13 Tatoemonkey 02:44:00
14 Theberzerka 02:53:00
15 hellfire13 03:57:00
16 psychobudgie 05:23:00
17 Gaztee 07:18:00
DNF camdaz Wrong Screenshot!

For the bonus contest, Tatoemonkey takes the 5 leaderboard points with a total of 12 bonus materials. There were a few who collected as many or even more, but since they all finished in the top 10 for the main contest they were not eligible for the 5 bonus points.

Pos. Name Materials
1 XIII_WarMachine 14
2= Matheson 13
2= Treehugger 13
4= Lieutenant Fatman 12
4= carrot381 12
4= Tatoemonkey 12
7 Gaztee 11
8 Psychobudgie 10
9 MikLSP 9
11= Richie100 6
11= dellboy1983 6
11= sick__puppy 6
14= gordon123 5
14= hellfire13 5
16 Theberzerka 2
17 Rocketminx 1
DNF Camdaz Wrong screenshot!

As always all entrants were placed in a random draw to win a £10 PSN voucher and the lucky winner this month was Rocketminx so congratulations to you!

Thank you all again for taking the time to enter this competition, as it genuinely makes it worth the time to organise and it was great to see a decent turn out again this month. Tune in tomorrow to see how these results affect the overall leaderboard standings!



  1. Wow thanks guys! How do I claim my voucher from you?

    • I’ve emailed the address you signed up to TSA with.

  2. Camdez, what did you do? I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that line!!

  3. I ran out of time (surprise weekend away) to finish the level so decided to upload the level fail screen, to show I was still ‘competing’ in the TSA Points tourny, because of the low entries for last month.

  4. Thanks for the nice words, great to see more participants this month. Looking forward to the next one. :o)

  5. Awesome yay thanks for the bonus points but errr I am not a him I a her :)

    • I am a her that should say, doh!

      • Fixed, sorry for any confusion, I’ll remind Tony to use gender neutral terms next time :)

      • Sorry!

      • I am not offended or bothered or anything just was saying I am rockin it for the girl gamers ……..or not as the leader-board shows, but that snail just annoyed the crap outta me so I could take no more! :)

  6. Oh ffs, all that effort and I didn’t even have the good grace to come last.

    • I’d give you an extra point for this comment :)

  7. Great result, and well done to everyone up there. Any times under 1 minute are good going.

    I’d have hunted you down Lieutenant Fatman if I had some better mods ;-)

    • You probably would have, still some room to squeeze a few more seconds off I reckon. The best setup was two sprinter mods, as well as equipping the weightlifting profiencency allowing you to go at top speed while armed with a kick ass gun.

      • I had sprinter but no weightlifter which meant I had to equip the lightest gun possible which could still be of some use, I went with the Tracker and homing ammo for that. :-)

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