PlayStation Now North American Beta Will Be Extended To PS4 Tomorrow, May 20th

North American PS Now beta testers will be able to access the service on their PlayStation 4s from May 20th, tomorrow,  Sony has confirmed. Up until now the beta has only been on the PS3 since it first began back in January, with titles such as Puppeteer and Killzone 3. There’s no word yet on the beta extending outside that region, though there will be more testers added to the beta in the near future, though it appears new testers will only have access on the PS3.

Those who are participating in the PS Now beta program have played for a total of 50,000 hours since launch. Since a full rollout in North America is expected by the end of this year it won’t be surprising if Sony announce the pricing structure for the service at this year’s E3. There could even be news of a European beta, which would hopefully launch quite soon after the conference. If you’re in North America and are yet to register your interest in the PS Now beta then you can click here and register.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. good news. This and what was said by Shuhei Yoshida last year about playstation’s future as a service rather than a product shows sony really does have eyes on the future.

  2. I hadn’t realised it was being used on PS3, I thought it was just for PS4.
    An E3 announcement of pricing and Euro beta would be welcome.

  3. Finally got my invite (for PS3 tho!) but the terms say I can’t say anything about it.

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