Shadow Of Mordor Gameplay Trailer Focuses On How To Acquire The Best Loot

A new trailer for Shadow Of Mordor has been released, this time showing off more gameplay and discussing how to upgrade Talion’s weapons into things that will be feared by enemy forces. You’ll be able to equip runes to his three weapons, the bow Azkar, the sword Urfael, and the dagger Acharn which grant special abilities like fire arrows. The type of rune dropped will depend on how you as the player kill an enemy, with exploiting their weaknesses apparently being the way to get the better ones.


Epic runes are harder to get and can only be acquired by total domination over an enemy captain, which begins by sending them a death threat. This motivates the target to increase their defence and employ some more bodyguards so when Talion does strike the odds are against him. Killing this group will reward Talion with the epic rune.

Some pre-order details were also released with exclusive bonuses including:

  • Deadly Archer Rune – This increases damage when taking headshots at enemy Captains.
  • Flame of Arnor Rune – Blades ignite to burn enemies after reaching a combo count.
  • Captain of The Watch/Hidden Blade Rune – Extra damage when performing sneak attacks.
  • Orc Slayer Rune – Extra damage when using special attacks.

Source: Youtube/PR



  1. Looking forward to this, when’s the release date?

    • October 7th apparently. (I am trying not to get too excited as it is a long way.)

      • Oh bugger that’s ages off! Don’t know why but I thought it was much sooner than that!

  2. This, Dragon Age, Alien Isolation and NBA2K14 all on the same day. Add in Batman Arkham Knight and Costume “goddamn I’m excited” Quest 2, and you have one busy October.

  3. I’m guardedly getting my hopes up with this one… The combat looks excellent, hopefully EA have cribbed enough from Arkham to make it play well in the finished product.

  4. That trailer was good.

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