Child Of Light Will Take Flight On Vita This July

Ubisoft has announced that the fantastic Child Of Light will be coming to the Vita, and will launching on the handheld on July 2nd for the price of £11.99. As with the current versions there will be a physical Complete Edition, which will include an extra bonus quest, a new character, as well as some collectibles. There’s no word on whether owners of the PS3/PS4 version will receive the game as part of cross-buy, though the original cross-buy option was only available in Europe.


I really enjoyed Child of Light and was lucky enough to review it, where I gave it the score of 10/10. The whole review was done in rhyme too due to how much I loved my time with it. If you’ve not had the chance to play it yet then I strongly recommend giving it a go if you’re a fan of RPGs. Even if you’re not a fan I suggest you give it a go.

Source: Ubisoft PR



  1. I hope this is cross-buy, if only because I’ve mostly played it on Vita via remote play – it’s a great fit with the touchscreen.

    • I was just about to say it perry much already is available on Vita if you just use the remote play option.

  2. I’ll just wait for that then :)

  3. This is very sweet news because I didn’t jump to PS4 yet, and I also have a huge backlog on PS3 so I will not jump for 2-3 years yet.
    This is great, Ubisoft knows that Vita owners will be thankful.

    Now I will wait for Transistor to come to Vita.

  4. Definitely tempted by this, wonder if this means Valiant Hearts will also make the move to handheld?

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