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I’ve personally never played Warframe, but I’m well aware that several key members of the TSA community play it daily, which has led us to expanding our clan and looking for new recruits. I’m not going to be one of them, but you could be, just click that link!

It’s also quite an interesting one for WeView. Our ratings are usually based around whether you should buy the game or not, but since Warframe is a free-to-play game, we’re going to have to change that too!

Anyway, Warframe is essentially a PS4 and PC game where you team up with friends and take on enemy forces. Sounds pretty simple, but it’s a game that’s enhanced by the titular Warframes – a form of exo-armour which allows players to become much stronger.

It’s a third person game, and the procedurally generated maps makes for extremely varied gameplay, and lengthy playtimes. That’s perhaps why Tony, Kitch and Vandix seem to be constantly playing the game, but anyway, I digress.

I’m probably not the best informed for Warframe, but Jim did review it for the site, so we’ll jump into some of his words now:

If you’re looking for a decent online shooter to play with friends, you can do a lot worse. Warframe is a treat for the eyes and though it may lack context, it still plays incredibly well. It’s just a shame that Digital Extremes is so obviously putting the squeeze on anyone fed up with hours of credit-farming.

So, it’s a great game, but the free-to-play aspect may be its crux, as you’ve to purchase many Platinum credits to get anywhere. Saying that, if you spend £40, then you’ve paid the same as a full game, haven’t you? Which leads us to our hand-crafted and unique to Warframe rating system!

First of all, if you don’t think it’s even worth the internet bandwidth, then just say Avoid It, but if you think it’s worth playing for a bit, then just let us know at the end of your comment how much you’d be willing to pay for it. How does that sound?

Obviously, don’t say a ridiculous amount, but it should be fun to collect the average pricing next week. Get your comments in before the weekend and it’s likely you’ll be included in next week’s Verdict round-up.



  1. Ooh excellent, I was hoping warframe would pop up in here as it’s by far and away my most played ps4 game to date (120 hours and counting).
    The game itself is excellent, somewhat akin to mass effect 3 multiplayer. Team up to a squad of 4 and take on the galaxy! It’s one of the most in-depth gaming experiences I’ve had with each weapon and warframe being able to be customised with millions of different mods, the combinations are endless.
    The only negative I can think of is that it’s very intricate, yet none of these intricacies are explained at all, so unless you have someone to explain it all to you, or you take the time to figure it out for yourself it can be baffling and somewhat overwhelming. Once you get your head around it though, there’s endless hours of fun to be had.
    Quick side note on the micro transactions, it’s not necessary to spend a penny on this game, everything can be obtained easily enough just by playing and acquiring. I’ve spent £15 on in game currency (platinum) but I only did that because I felt the developers, digital extremes, deserved paying for their work.
    I personally would have been happy had I spent full retail price on this game, I’ve got way more out of it than most full price games I’ve purchased, so I’d say it’s worth spending £50 on. Go download and play!

    • Warfarame is a very average game in fact its terrible. Graphics are dull, weapons feel like peashooters and the gameplay is just boring. I know the PS4 lacks any must have games but no one should torture themselves planning Warframe. 4/10 don’t even waste your Internet downloading it.

      • I’m a little confused as to how this is a reply to my comment but never mind.

  2. I’d say everyone should at least try the game and see how it goes.

    I’ve bought a decent amount of Platinum (around €60,- worth).
    I have put in around 250 hours now.

    However, I really don’t think I would have bought the game if it was priced for even €40,- and I think it has to do with the fact that you are free to pay real money or not, depending on your farmingskills (or patience :-P).

    As long as it is fun with friends, I am willing to pay money for it.

  3. I tried out a few missions in the offline mode, levels were horribly generic-looking and the melee seemed useless without a lock-on option, leaving you facing the wrong direction and flailing at empty air, whilst the enemy you were trying to attack was then to the side or behind you.
    I would rather pay money for a game which is enjoyable from the start.

  4. Tried it, was ok, then it the updates started to fail and I could never get it work. Deleted it a few weeks back.


  5. Played it for a bit. I found it looked nice, but the levels were so generic and boring that I just couldn’t be bothered to pick it up after a few hours. Avoid.

  6. Have tried playing it a couple of times, just to give it a chance. But I could not get into it. Controls were bad, game play was bad and it felt very repetitive. Would not spend any money on this.
    Avoid it

  7. I have put in about 120 hours also. I think everyone should at least give it a go, as its free, yes most of the levels look generic, but all worlds have multiple mission types and enemy types. I find it equally as repetitive as Fifa or equally NBA, its just down to taste. If you can get into a game with people who have played for a while (Like the TSA clan) then that really helps with how enjoyable the game can be, as they can help you with weapon loadouts, missions and how to use the foundry to build things etc.

  8. The time I’ve spent with it has been limited, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve experienced so far. It reminds me of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer a lot and I loved that. I have to agree that it’s not the most welcoming experience, and my first couple of goes I really had little clue what was going on except that I should be shooting the things in front of me. It’s great though when you have a bunch of players who work together. I’d happily pay £20 for it, as it’s not quite rounded enough to be a full release, but it’s certainly up there with the best of PSN/Live.

  9. For the naysayers, yes there are some control issues but there are options that make life easier. Ultimately its a PC port so it takes some getting used to but you can’t complain at the price and it’s not a Pay-To-Win game at all. Farming for parts with mates is part of the appeal of the game and there’s a “just one more go” element to it, at a particular level or boss fight, that often pushes play into the early hours.

    I have paid about £50 for platinum but I wasn’t forced into it, partly (as Mr Cawley stated) because I felt DE deserved something for creating such a huge game (which has regular updates btw) that does not punish those of us with shallow pockets.

    Great, sociable game that the TSA clan will help you with to get on your feet.

  10. I don’t think I’ve actually played this on PS4, but I give the PC version a go last year.

    It was a free to play game, and the best thing I could say for it was that I got what I paid for. It was just dull all around, from gameplay to graphics (on my laptop, not the PS4. Then again, my laptop can make games like Skyrim look fantastic).

    I just couldn’t get into it, although that is also true of many shooters. They have to be special, special games for me to enjoy them in my shooter fatigue. Warframe is not a special game.

    AVOID from me.

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