Community Chronicle: 25/05/14

I hope you’re all enjoying the bank holiday weekend; I’d actually completely forgotten that it was on the way! I also hear there was some football, thanks to twitter giving me the play-by-play, with a certain welshman “bale”-ing the Madrid team out of a sticky situation, so that Madrid could win.

I guess we should move on from that joke as quickly as possible…


The biggest headline of the week was almost certainly the mooted purchase of Twitch by Youtube, who are a subsidiary of Google, for a reported $1 billion.

It doesn’t seem to be too popular a notion, and while I was quick to jump in with my own opinion, others agreed with my stance. Kennykazey said, “This would be terrible! As Stefan says, this is Google buying out one of their competitors and building their monopoly.”

Blarty was keen to point out recent bad decisions, saying, “It surprises me that there’s not more outrage about this given the ContentID debacle, and Nintendo’s thumbscrews about Lets Play vids being on Youtube.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait on a decision by the US regulatory bodies on whether this can go through. We might not have to wait that long for more news on our second story, as rumours swirled surrounding a potential Master Chief-centric Halo collection being announced at E3.

Nocure-fd snarkily quipped, “I was just sitting here thinking that the new generation of consoles don’t have enough remakes of games from the last few generations,” a sentiment shared by a few others too.

Then again, Starman simply stated that he “would like this to be true,” while Kennykazey was back again to say, “A collection like this, with all four mainline entries given a new lick of paint, would be enough to sell me an Xbox One this year. Without it, I’ll probably wait till next year when there’s a nice little library and Halo 5.”

Finally, we round the Hot Topics out with the latest snippet of footage from The Order: 1886. It was another all-too-brief 2 minute snatch of video, which was both just enough to whet one’s appetite for more, but also enough to disappoint certain quarters.

Eldave0 sat squarely in the latter camp, saying:

We’ve seen two clips of gameplay so far and both times I’ve come away feeling the same: nice visuals, nice cinematic style, meh gameplay. Unless they show off something decent at E3 I’d imagine I will wait for this one to be heavily discounted. Seems like Uncharted/Gears but without the “holy shit” moments.

What did you think? Does The Order have a shot at breaking new ground, or is it going to fade into the background as a fairly straightforward, albeit pretty, shooter?


Crazy_Del has continued quite strongly, since his return in force last week, grabbing the Bulletstorm platinum – he claims this as a record, which surprises for such an old game – and also working around a little bug to get the MotoGP 13 platinum on Vita.

Another big trophy hunter, R1MJAW, is still plugging away at Trials Fusion, inching ever closer to that platinum. However, he’s also found time to nip through and grab 100% of the trophies for both Octodad: Dadliest Catch and Stick It to The Man. Oh, and he’s  finally got the Terraria platinum on PS3, too.

Element666 has been the latest to get the platinum trophy for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while JustTaylorNow has gone for the God of War 2 platinum on PS Vita, adding another record to his tally alongside last week’s.

Rounding things out for the week, Eldave0 has finished Hotline Miami as well as replaying the very original 1996 Tomb Raider once more, and DividSmythe battled with time travel to complete Back to the Future and the associated platinum.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the latest 2014 leaderboards.

Following from today’s effort, if people want to keep sending photos in, I’ll be happy to post them, but gaming places isn’t a regular feature. If you fancy it, just use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

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  1. Finally I’ve got my trophy count updated yay.

    • What am I doing wrong?

      • Sign in and click on my trophy card or something like that. It’s a little tab about second or third one.

        I hope this helps.

      • Sorry it’s my trophies and it should update while your there.

  2. Congratulations on the achievements everyone.

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