Sony Releases Two New Minutes Of The Order 1886 Gameplay

Sony has just stopped streaming a few minutes of The Order 1886 showing off some shooting action in an alternate Victorian London.  The transition between cutscene and gameplay appears to be very smooth, and the game itself does look very nice too. I quite like the fire effects when grenades are used, with the flames spreading quickly and engulfing scenery. The voice acting sounds to be pretty solid too.


The gameplay didn’t show the beasts from the original reveal trailer but instead appeared to focus on the other conflict in the story, that being the class war which has turned violent, with signs such as ‘Death To Tyranny’, and ‘No to Slavery. Yes to Liberty’ draped across the street. We also see glimpses of the other technologies outside weaponry including the instant heal potion that patches up a bullet graze.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more footage from this section of the game being shown at E3. Hopefully the beasts will turn up too.

Source: Youtube



  1. Just 2 mins. Shame. Want to see more of this!

  2. If this is a ps4 exclusive notvhekd back both other less powerful consoles, its likely to be on my buy list

    • It’s a PS4 exclusive

    • Held back? Doesn’t almost every multiplatform game have better specs on ps4?

  3. Looks very, very pretty. I don’t know if it’s my end or the feed or what – but it looks like it’s running at 10fps…

    • The bad framerate and screen-tearing is caused by the stream this is captured from. Hence the poor image quality as well.

  4. Hell to the yeah. PS4 throwing exclusives all over the haddock!

  5. Looking rather nice indeed.

  6. Really looking forward to this – hopefully the gameplay and the story will be as good as the graphics!

  7. We’ve seen two clips of gameplay so far and both times I’ve come away feeling the same: nice visuals, nice cinematic style, meh gameplay. Unless they show off something decent at E3 I’d imagine I will wait for this one to be heavily discounted. Seems like Uncharted/Gears but without the “holy shit” moments.

    • To be fair, you haven’t seen the werewolf things yet.

      Hell… What are you expecting? A giant mechanical Titan to jump on the screen? ;)

      • I’m not an expert in marketing but personally if I was showing off a new game I’d actually pick an interesting moment :P

  8. I’ve only watched the video on my phone, but as far as I can see, so far this is the kind of visuals & game I expected from the PS4 when it was first announced.

    Looks great to me. Hopefully this is where we start to see the true leap to the new generation of the console & this & the new uncharted raise the standards. (Not that infamous doesn’t look great too) ;)

  9. The stream quality doesn’t do it any favours, hopefully they’ll release a direct feed clip but it looks great and i can’t wait to see more.

  10. Graphically impressive but unless something comes out about how this is the greatest story ever told on games, or something interesting to with the gameplay I will not be getting this.

    Just looks “meh” and was pretty much what I expected when it was first revealed.

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