On It’s 4th birthday take a look behind the scenes of The Order: 1886

Just the other night on Twitter I was talking to someone who had finally got round to playing The Order: 1886 and was surprised to find a decent game. It didn’t get particularly good reviews scores which baffled me, it was exceptionally pretty and played really well.

To celebrate the game’s 4th birthday Ready at Dawn have released a couple of videos that look at the visual effects found the game.

Source: YouTube 1/2/3

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  1. I cannot believe it’s 4 years old. If you’d have asked me to guess I’d have said year before last and end of at that. Really should give this a go to be honest.

  2. A great game I really enjoyed it when it was released I haven’t played it again since but when the next drought of games come it’s a game I would play again.

  3. I enjoyed it, more an interactive movie, as believe more of the “game” was cut scenes than anything but was very pretty indeed.

    makes me feel so old now :(

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