18 Ways To Kill Time In Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs’ Chicago is more than just a sprawling, hi-tech metropolis. Beneath the bonnet it’s hiding a wealth of content from mini-games and side quests to Easter Eggs and the occasional internet meme. So, without further ado, here are 18 distractions players can sink their teeth into when not blitzing the campaign or multiplayer.

1. Hotspots


Watch Dogs is pretty switched on when it comes to modern technology and our reliance on social media. This is not only channelled through in-games missions but Aiden’s smartphone too, which happens to be loaded with apps. One of these operates similarly to FourSquare and other geo-tagging/location-sharing programmes.


Scattered throughout Chicago are a series of landmarks players can “check in” to, earning badges along the way. You can even leave a gift for other online fixers to come across.

2. Looting


Aiden’s Profiler is what differentiates Watch Dogs from the competition. With the simple tap of a button, players can access a goldmine of data for all surrounding NPCs. Apart from their age, hobbies, and the occasional dark secret, the Profiler can also be used to syphon cash from bank accounts. Simply latch onto targets in blue and fire away. Kerching!

3. Easter Eggs


Open world games wouldn’t be open world games without the occasional Easter Egg to chow down on. Search thoroughly enough and you’re bound to come across plenty of gems stowed away by developer Ubisoft.

4. The Collector


Completionists will be happy to find that, in Watch Dogs, a log is kept of all vehicles and weapons players encounter. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea yet there is a certain enjoyment to be had in collected entire catalogues of in-game objects. Additional music tracks can also be discovered and added your mobile playlist.

5. Fixer Contracts


One of the most common side mission available. These contracts will have players track down a given target before running them off the road and administering a sturdy baton to the face. Ouch.

6. ctOS Zones


Aiden’s repertoire of hacking abilities won’t always be available to players. From time to time, you’ll find yourself racing through parts of Chicago protected by ctOS towers and fire-walled servers. Dispose of these and the city is well and truly yours to control.

7. A Game Within A Game


When in free-roam, Aiden can trigger Augmented Reality games via his smartphone. These events manipulate the game world, conjuring vibrant objects and overlays as players take part in challenges and post high scores.

8. Flushed Out


Gambling mini-games are common in open world titles such as Watch Dogs. If looking for a spot of downtime, players can head to abandoned buildings and garages to play poker. Portrayed through a first person view, it’s slow yet functional and can also be used as a training tool for those new to the game.

9. Checkmate


If the underground gambling scene isn’t really your thing, there are also a series of chess challenges to contend with. Gradually increasing in difficulty, these pre-set puzzles will prove a decent distraction from all that hacking.

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  1. I’ll have a proper read through of these when i get home, played for a couple of hours last night and found the sheer amount of stuff to do on offer was a little overwhelming so this list will work as a handy mini-guide.

  2. I thought the coin rush game was good fun, and taught me how to move about a lot quicker! Other than that, hacking the ctOS towers reminds me a lot of Assassin’s Creed as you work your way to the junction box. I’m enjoying the whole game a lot more than I thought I would!

  3. Did most of these stuff, much like GTA boring

    • Played for about 2 hours and so far it’s nothing like GTA. I’ve barely fired my gun.

      • Didn’t compare it to GTA, just meant it’s just as boring as GTA. I’m comparing the boredom.

        Maybe just lost interest in these sort of games

      • Ah, I see! I love these kind of games, lol!

  4. Played for about 10 minutes last night… then dinner was ready then bed time lol, joys of 12 hour shifts… I fear I wont get to invest time in this until the weekend.

  5. Are you just spreading the review over four or five different articles? There’s quite a few of these now and none of them contain a score at the end…

    I’m predicting a 7, btw.

    Maybe 8.

    • It’s a 9, imo

      • Although saying that, I’ve not exactly completed it, lol! I’m an idiot, ignore me.

  6. Great read. The game ain’t bad. It feels like a Red Dead, Max Payne, GTA influenced title which plays kinda like the new splinter cell. The flow and techy ideas and attributes are a sweet touch.

    Not bad so far. I’d give it. 7.5/8 up to press.

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