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18 Ways To Kill Time In Watch Dogs

10. Fighting Crime


Morality is something that rarely bubbles to the surface when playing Watch Dogs. Stealing money, blowing up city streets and occasionally mowing down pedestrians is part and parcel of being Chicago’s hottest hacker. However, there are ways to redeem your actions. Crime is still commonplace in the city and can often be prevented with a few swings of Aiden’s baton.


11. Gang Hideouts


A personal favourite of mine. Gang Hideouts are basically small portions of the city protected by a small patrol of police or thugs. Combining Aiden’s stealth and hacking prowess, players can weave their way through hideouts, making for some of the best gameplay moments in Watch Dogs.

12. Convoys


Criminals won’t always be on-foot, waiting for Aiden to pounce. From time to time, players will have to trace convoys, stopping them before they reach their destination. Often accompanied by reinforcements, these side missions spark intense gunfights which usually have players ducking from car to car as bullets fly.

13. Looking Dapper


Though perhaps not as iconic as the Assassin’s robe and cowl, Aiden’s cap and trench-coat combo is trendy enough. For those not content with faded blacks and leathers, there is a variety of costumes that can be purchased and tucked away in your hideout.

14. Trolling

Watch Dogs’ online multiplayer can be brutal at times, especially when playing Intrusion. When in free roam there’s always a chance that enemy fixers will attempt to hack your session and steal Notoriety. Despite the tension and tangible sense of paranoia, these intrusions can also be a source of humour.

15. Alone


One of Watch Dogs’ Digital Trips. Alone has players spawn into a alternate depiction of Chicago, overrun by robots. Here, players are tasked with roaming the city and activating generators while evading the merciless gaze of its new inhabitants.

16. Psychedelic


Taking itself a bit less seriously, Psychedelic is a flower-powered arcade mini-game worthy of being labelled a Digital Trip. Over a series of levels, Aiden will be propelled from one bud to the next, scoring points by flying through rings and landing the centre of huge sprouting flowers.

17. Spider Tank


Yes… Spider Tank.

18. Madness


Another of Watch Dogs’ aptly named Digital Trips. Madness straps players into a demonic motor as they plough the fire-scorched streets of Chicago for lost souls. As in other Digital Trips players can complete specific challenges and even level up, unlocking a suite of skills to boost their performance.

With so much to explore, Watch Dogs goes well beyond it hacker noir storyline and frenetic multiplayer offering. Stay tuned for more on Ubisoft’s new-gen flagship.

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  1. I’ll have a proper read through of these when i get home, played for a couple of hours last night and found the sheer amount of stuff to do on offer was a little overwhelming so this list will work as a handy mini-guide.

  2. I thought the coin rush game was good fun, and taught me how to move about a lot quicker! Other than that, hacking the ctOS towers reminds me a lot of Assassin’s Creed as you work your way to the junction box. I’m enjoying the whole game a lot more than I thought I would!

  3. Did most of these stuff, much like GTA boring

    • Played for about 2 hours and so far it’s nothing like GTA. I’ve barely fired my gun.

      • Didn’t compare it to GTA, just meant it’s just as boring as GTA. I’m comparing the boredom.

        Maybe just lost interest in these sort of games

      • Ah, I see! I love these kind of games, lol!

  4. Played for about 10 minutes last night… then dinner was ready then bed time lol, joys of 12 hour shifts… I fear I wont get to invest time in this until the weekend.

  5. Are you just spreading the review over four or five different articles? There’s quite a few of these now and none of them contain a score at the end…

    I’m predicting a 7, btw.

    Maybe 8.

    • It’s a 9, imo

      • Although saying that, I’ve not exactly completed it, lol! I’m an idiot, ignore me.

  6. Great read. The game ain’t bad. It feels like a Red Dead, Max Payne, GTA influenced title which plays kinda like the new splinter cell. The flow and techy ideas and attributes are a sweet touch.

    Not bad so far. I’d give it. 7.5/8 up to press.

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