Valve Delay Steam Machines Until 2015

Valve has said that their Steam Machines will be delayed until next year as they are getting “a ton of useful feedback” which means they are spending extra time refining their controller.

We’re now using wireless prototype controllers to conduct live playtests, with everyone from industry professionals to die-hard gamers to casual gamers. It’s generating a ton of useful feedback, and it means we’ll be able to make the controller a lot better. Of course, it’s also keeping us pretty busy making all those improvements. Realistically, we’re now looking at a release window of 2015, not 2014.

Valve is one of fourteen companies who are backing the Steam Machine project but it seems unlikely that Alienware and the other backers will forge ahead with their own Steam Machines when the controller will not be available.


“The manufacturers are not able to speak to the press about the project, but the BBC understands they are unlikely to proceed until the controller is ready,” reads a report on BBC news.

Source: BBC / Steam



  1. I still don’t understand who these will be aimed at..

    Console gamers like the simple use of consoles and the choice of console exclusive games, whereas PC gamers like the freedom of PC’s and the ability to upgrade.

    I seriously just see another Ouya situation, only a little more expensive.

    • In addition, going for a full Ubuntu OS, albeit with the ability to boot straight into SteamOS must be a bit of a nightmare for Valve.

      As for audience, Valve has a healthy bank account to help push it & some killer games, but as they’re not going to make these exclusive to SteamOS I can’t really see the pull, people may as well just get a Windows machine and the vast, incredibly vast archive that comes

      Valve obviously panicked when the saw Windows and they imagined a future without Windows desktop and everyone buying their software & games through a Microsoft store… but the reality is that never happened, the marketplace has spoken and desktop is going nowhere while Metro environment flopped

      However, on the plus side… producing a living PC with a console formfactor in 2015 will lead to a powerful machine that could be half again as powerful as the current console generation

      Thing is, Valve games don’t need that power and EA with Battlefield & Crysis etc which will use the power… will surely never make SteamOS or even Linux version of their games anyway and without EA’s big hitters the market for SteamBox is surely limited?

      • Half life 3, timed steambox and PC exclusive.

        They don’t need anything else.

      • They already said HL3 would never been a steam/PC exclusive

  2. I’m just not sure who this is aimed at: they’ve got a mountain to climb if steam machines are going for the console territory. Sure they can be more powerful than PS4 and X1, but MS and Sony have huge brand recognition and integrated online environments that steam is going to need to replicate.

    If they’re going for the hardcore PC gamers then what can steam machines offer that isn’t already there?

    I worry that firms like Valve and Oculus get caught up in their own hype; sure it’s exciting tech, but what’s your business plan? How many of these are you going to sell?

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