MotoGP 14 Will Be Passing The Starting Line From June 20th

Milestone Italy has confirmed that MotoGP 14 will be releasing on June 20th via Tweet, and it will be coming to PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox 360 and PC.



That’s right, there is no planned release for the Xbox One though no reason was actually presented as to why the decision was taken. MotoGP 14 will have 100 different riders, including classic racers, and there will be 18 tracks on which to ride various motorbikes.

Source: Twitter



  1. Although racing is my favourite genre by far I’ve never been able to get to grips with the MotoGP series. I hope there’s a demo for PS4 to see what it’s like on the new hardware.

  2. First proper racing game on PS4 then. I’m interested to see what it looks like, a little concerned that it’s so close to release without gameplay footage.

  3. Was good fun on the Vita, so might be tempted by this.

    • It is a decent game on Vita but I’d always opt for the SBK series over the MotoGP’s on main home consoles. SBK is far superior in every department…I always found the MotoGP series to be an acquired taste that never hit the spot.

      • Its the same developer now.

      • Aye, same peoples yo!

      • Ah, cheers lads, hadn’t actually spotted that. Possible redemption in the making then. I wonder if that means that the SBK series has gone DODO?

  4. Finally finished my last ever college exams so I finally got some quality time winning in career mode on nba2k13….right before the magic plus service gives me a free upgrade next week! Also should have a ps4 by this time next week so exciting times! Anyone any recommendations on games? I’ve got all the plus ones stacked up and I’ll be getting Killzone on the cheap pre owned for €25 :D

    • Stupid phone posting this in the wrong article :P

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