MotoGP 14 Leans Into Its Launch With This Trailer

Motorbikes! I love looking at motorbikes and even though these racing bikes aren’t as pretty as a huge chromed out cruiser, I’ll take my video game motorbike gawping wherever I can get it.


MotoGP 14 is out today on PC, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita and they’re celebrating with this trailer. It shows some lovely two-wheeled deathtraps and quite a bit of gorgeous racing simulation, including some spray and a lot of leaning into corners. I do wish there was a bit more chrome and perhaps a nice Triumph or two but I suppose they have to use their MotoGP license, rather than making a “Cruising around California” simulator that only I would want. Maybe there’ll be an unlockable mode in the sequel?

Our review for this should be along soon.


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  1. Jeebus! They didn’t hang about getting that Eurogamer quote into the trailer, the review that contains the quote only went out a few hours ago..

    I do like the look of this tho, MotoGP 13 was a good, but not quite there racer, imo, and this looks to have made some decent improvments.

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