Podcast: Episode 145 – Lemmings Touch, MotoGP and GRID Autosport

With E3 now well and truly behind us, the podcast returned to normality this week. Well, as normal as we can get with both Peter and Lewis away. Don’t worry though, Teflon managed to make the time to check in with us on the podcast, meaning you’re not just left with Kev and I feeling slightly lonely.

Speaking of Tef, he’s been focussing on motorsports this week, playing both GRID Autosport and MotoGP, letting him go fast across a range of cars and motorbikes. Then there’s Kev, who’s been playing My Singing Monsters on his iPhone, a cute game that sounds like a lot of fun. He’s also been reading Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn, a fantastic comic from back in 2009.

As for me, I’ve mostly been using my Vita to play Lemmings Touch. It’s a fine version of the classic Lemmings gameplay that pretty much everyone has experienced over the years, although with some nice new tweaks, and good use of the Vita’s touch screen.

Finally, as always, we’ve got your news and a quiz. In fact we combined the two, with me quizzing Kev and Tef about this week’s news. If you liked this format then do let us know.

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