GRID Autosport Switch update adds local and split-screen multiplayer, Labo support incoming

It might be a port of a last-gen racer, but GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch is getting some big updates from Feral Interactive. Out now is a patch to enable local ad hoc multiplayer and split-screen, and support for Nintendo Labo is coming later this year.


The support for local multiplayer is pretty comprehensive, enabling up to eight players to link up with their own systems. Alternatively, if you just have one Switch and two players, there’s two player split-screen support, which brings the Switch version up to speed with the original PS3 and Xbox 360 release. However, there still won’t be any online multiplayer… for now.

That will come in the second feature update planned for later this year, which will bring online multiplayer alongside the very intriguing prospect of wheel support. That will apparently even include the Nintendo Labo wheel, using a bunch of cardboard, elastic bands and IR reflectors to tie in with the motion control and sensors of the Joy-Con controllers to create a steering wheel. Will it give a full on racing sim rig a run for its money? Probably not, but it’s going to be fun seeing how well it works, that’s for sure!

I personally wasn’t so hot on the original release of GRID Autosport, but with a serious lack of decent racing games on Switch, it’s found a new home on Nintendo’s hybrid console. In our Switch review, Dom said, “GRiD Autosport is the best sim racer on Switch. In part that’s due to the fact that it has zero competition, unless you’re possibly counting the dire racing experience that is Gear Club Unlimited and its sequel (and you definitely shouldn’t count or play them). That said, if this is a Codemasters not quite at their best, it’s certainly still a decent outing and it’s a great choice for serious racing fans who want a serious racer to play on the go.”

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