Telltale’s The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us Will Both Release On PS4 & Xbox One

A month ago there was a rumour that The Walking Dead Season One would be releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One, with the supposed evidence coming from a GameStop listing. Now Telltale has confirmed that the game will be coming to the new generation, and so will season two of The Walking Dead as well as Fables based game The Wolf Among Us. These games will receive both digital and physical releases, with the last gen also getting the disc based versions.



There has been no release date confirmed for either of the titles but I would personally guess around late summer or early Autumn. I haven’t yet picked up The Walking Dead Season 2 or The Wolf Among Us so these releases will be right up my street. Pricing is yet to be announced too.

Source: Telltale



  1. But can I carry my PS3 save of TWD season 1 over to my PS4?

    • No details were given on that in the blog post unfortunately.

    • I can’t say as I’d want to really. If I’m going to get it again I’d want to play it fresh and see how some of the different choices pan out :-)

  2. Will they still be extremely buggy? No idea, but if not, I’m tempted to buy a second time.

    • Same here. If they manage to squash the bugs I’m in :-) wonder if they’ll have “improved graphics” too…?

  3. I’d love to play a fully working, bug-free version of this game and it would be great if they made an effort for the new consoles… but it’s Telltale… they probably spent less time improving this re-release than I spent typing this comment. Awful studio.

    • I like how you said they were an “awful studio” yet you implied that you would be all up for playing a bug-Free version. They’re a very small company, and the fact they’ve Taken on so many projects at once is rather commendable. They’re far from an “awful studio” sorry, feel like you’re spewing bullshit there. I love Telltale as much as the majority of this community love Naughty Dog even. Doesn’t hurt to mention the PC version (that I play primarily) is almost bug-free. Could they optimise their performance better on consoles? Of course, they lack in they technical department, but they’re called TELLTALE. Their main focus is solely storytelling. Has been even since the Sam & Max days (to some extent). But to call then an awful studio is very harsh and stupid.

      • Yes I would love to play a working version of this game. I never said the game was awful – it’s actually very good when it works – but a studio that refuses to patch a broken game is, by my standards, an awful studio. Take your obsession with this developer somewhere else. To the bathroom for 30 seconds perhaps.

    • Well that’s pretty rude. Scratch that, extremely rude. I didn’t even want to start a conflict and yet you decide it’s a great idea to insult me.

      Plus, this is an article about them. So talking about them only makes sense actually. I’m still saying it’s stupid to call them an awful studio just because of that reason solely. And like I said before, their games run perfectly on PC. They’re made for them. Could they port them better? Yes of course, but technical reasons being behind calling them an awful studio is quite dumb. But since you were harsh enough to insult me I take it you’re just going to do it again for a laugh.

      Actually, scratch that, you should take your attitude somewhere else, I’m pretty sure there’s places where people will like it, but it’s not here.

  4. Know a few that’ll love this, easy platinum really ;)

  5. I’m quite tempted to buy The Wolf Among Us on steam but if it’s coming to ps4 might hold out for this one. Bit concerned on the price difference though for the ps4 version.

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