Matter Of Perspective: Destroy All Humans!

Alien invasion is a situation that has been part of our culture for a while now. From the theories surrounding Roswell to Will Smith punching an alien in the face in Independence Day, collectively we enjoy stories of beings from another world trying to destroy us. However, the majority of these tales always focus on the humans banding together and overcoming the threat of a more advanced species. There are very few examples of a story playing out where the humans lost, but Destroy All Humans! does attempt to go down that route.

The story of Destroy All Humans! is set during the late 1950s at a time where the USA was going through a major economic growth, and where the middle class really grew. It’s a time where some people of the time are nicely comfortable, but that is soon endangered when the Furons set their eyes on the planet. They want to harvest human brains, and obviously this is something that only an evil group would do.


But why do the Furons want to carry out this horrendous act that would surely wipe out an entire species? The usual reason aliens raid Earth is for the resources, and it turns out the brain is one such resource. The Furons in this case don’t want to take the brains to power their technology, but to help bring their species back from the brink of extinction. It’s partly their fault due to the fact the wars and technologies used by them have rendered them unable to reproduce, and their cloning technology isn’t perfect. In each clone becomes more unstable, so eventually the species will get to a point where it wouldn’t be viable.

It’s a desperate time and pure luck that centuries ago Furons came to Earth and got down with the local population, which leads to Furon DNA being present in the humans. As a species they’re losing everything and are so close to the brink that any solution would be welcome no matter what the cost. You have to wonder if we as humans wouldn’t do the same. After all we’re nowhere near extinction but we fight each other for resources, and other things. War is almost like a very horrible past time for the human race.

So if we were at a point where we were so close to dying off and then found a cure would we leave it? If we found a species we thought below us that had the necessary DNA for us to extract and use, would we take it to survive? Of course we’d like to think that we wouldn’t, that we or our descendants would allow the extinction course to continue. The reality is we’re a stubborn bunch and humanity would rather go kicking and screaming from existence than accept fate.


You really can’t blame the Furons from doing the same. After all they’re a powerful people who managed to completely destroy the Martians and wipe away all trace of them. They believe the galaxy if not the universe is theirs for the taking, so they don’t care about wiping out other species. When Cryto comes to Earth he doesn’t even at first realise humans are the dominant species, that’s how much of an impression we have made on the Furons. To them we are probably viewed like we view mosquitoes, an annoying pest that appears insignificant.

Of course we’re the pest that can fight back with quite the punch, and Crypto realises that fact. He doesn’t respect the fight against him and the Furons, but just irritated by the constant attempts by the humans to kill him. It only steels his resolve to want to get rid of the humans and make sure the Furons have a future. Once the humans are gone the Furons can add Earth to their empire, or destroy it like Mars.

Eventually instead of the humans fighting back and destroying the invaders, Crypto scores a victory for the Furons. He destroys the Majestic group that is out to get him, usurps the position of the US presidency and then sets up a mass productive way of extracting the human brains. And the way this is executed is by treating the humans like cattle, instructing them to go through these machines that kill them. He makes the humans march to their demise without resistance.

Crypto’s actions would make us find it abhorrent if it was real, but he was doing what he thought best for his people’s survival. And we’d do the same.



  1. Did the Destroy All Humans IP get picked up from the THQ auctions?

    I enjoyed the first, a remake would be good on the PSN… or better still a full blown game with a full release.

    • I too loved the first one & hope it sees a resurgence at some point.

  2. You could argue that we act exactly this way already, to the cattle you mentioned. They happily trot into the lorries and slaughter houses knowing no better. Why? Because we want to eat them for survival.

    Of course they only have a life, and in most cases a good life, becasue of this so you could argue that humans being farmed in the same way wouldn’t be a bad thing. Look at The Matrix: Humans life a full and happy life believing the world around them. They wouldn’t even have had a life were it not for the machines farming them.

    Ignorance is bliss

  3. It’s bliss till you realise it’s ignorance

  4. Loved this game, hours of fun with the cheat modes activated once I’d been through it the first time. Would welcome another installment.

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