HUNT: Horrors Of The Gilded Age Bringing Deadly Multiplayer To PC & Consoles

Crytek USA Corp. has revealed its first IP, HUNT: Horrors Of The Gilded Age with a trailer that shows a whole host of monsters and undead gettig ready to fight four hunters.  Many of the team behind the game formerly worked on the Darksiders IP so there may be some similar design choices in the final product.  HUNT will be a co-op multiplayer title where up to four people can team up to navigate various levels to take out hordes of monsters, and then boss creatures too.


HUNT is set during the 19th century and the game itself will take advantage of a content generation system meaning levels won’t play out the same way twice so you won’t be able to predict what you’ll face next. The tagline is “Hunt together or die alone”, hinting at the likelihood that trying to complete challenges lone wolf style will get you killed.

The game has been confirmed for PC and consoles, though which consoles are yet to be confirmed. You can already sign up for a beta of the PC version here. Hopefully we’ll see some gameplay next week at E3.



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  1. Hunt meet Evolve. Evolve meet Hunt. No fighting now, you hear?

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