Enemy Front Video Shows Online Multiplayer

World War II shooter, Enemy Front, is less than a week from launch. With six days left on the calendar, publisher Namco Bandai has launched its latest video, showcasing the game’s online multiplayer.


At a glance, it’s hard to separate Enemy Front from its lead competitors in the FPS genre. A handful of modes will be available on launch day, catering for up to twelve players across traditional modes such as Deathmatch and TDM as well as Freedom Fighter.

According to recent previews, Enemy Front’s multiplayer level design is tooled towards large-scale team fights as opposed to skirmishes. Stuart Black, the man behind EA shooter Black and 2011’s Bodycount, has also confirmed there will be no ranking or experience system in place.

Enemy Front is being developed by City Interactive, best known for its work on the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series as well as upcoming action RPG, Lords of the Fallen. The game will launch on June 10th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.



  1. Looks like it would slot right between CoD3 and World at War. Looks decent enough, for people looking for a WW2 fix, however I can’t see it doing too well with CoD dominating, and it coming at a time when more people are upgrading to PS4s.

    • It’s such a shame but I agree with you. Nothing can compete with CoD. I’ve hardly touched Ghosts, it’s just not fun. I’d love to see another FPS take over. It’s the same with anything though. When something is so far ahead, they have no competition. No motivation to innovate or improve. They can just grind the same crap out every year.

      I really like the look of this game. Reminds me a lot of [email protected], which was one of my favourite in the CoD series.

      • It seems to me therefore that, in the absence of a WWII game species, but rather a small amount in those days, CIGames decided to go back to those good times, not introducing new products, new solutions, although the possibility of stealth is very tempting, and it lacked in CoD. EF is not a typical game of MP, I am glad, however, that it has this mode, with the friends I will be able to return to the good old times :)

  2. Can’t see the multiplayer being too well populated really.

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