Xbox One June Update Is Now Live

Not wanting to be left out of yesterday’s firmware update bonanza, Microsoft have also released their June update for the Xbox One, incrementally adding more and more features, as was revealed a few weeks ago.


The biggest new feature is the addition of support for external storage. As long as your external HDD has a USB 3 interface and sports more than 250GB of space, you can plug it in, format it and then the Xbox One will automatically start to install future game data to that drive. That last point ties into the ability to then take that hard drive round to a friend’s house, plug it into their Xbox One, log in or insert the relevant disc and get playing right away without needing to wait for installs to happen.

Elsewhere, TV functionality has been expanded, bringing OneGuide support to Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, which also ties in with a big update to Smartglass which allows it to display those listings. You also now have the ability to see and use real names on Xbox Live, though this is very much an opt in system, and indulge in having the Xbox One auto-sign in.

Finally, the Games with Gold initiative has shifted to a more PlayStation Plus-like system, as it launches on Xbox One. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault should now be available for download and play this month, and will then continue to be available to you for as long as your Xbox Live Gold subscription lasts.

The update will be rolling out automatically to Xbox Ones over the next few days, as the console checks for an update every time you turn it off. However, if you’re an eager beaver, don’t forget that there is now the option of popping into the settings and triggering the update manually.

Source: Major Nelson, via Engadget



  1. Apparently you can gain a significant improvement in load times with an external drive. Up to 20 second differences if I remember correctly.

    The ability to bring your harddrive to another Xbone and play your games there is a bit of a gamechanger. We’ve had similar functionality before with memorycards and physical games, but nothing this simple. I’ll definitely be getting an external drive for my future Xbox.

    • To some extent, yes. Load times can be improved if the external drive you’re using is a 7200rpm drive or an SSD (Hybrid drives won’t offer tangible improvements), just the same as installing a faster drive into your PS4.

  2. Auto sign in! Needed this, signing in manually is pretty annoying. Games with gold is welcome, especially as the games are new unlike the 360 version.

  3. The ability to take the external drive to someone elses box will be well appreciated by some, a very neat idea. I just hope it doesn’t speed up the console getting hacked.

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