Free To Play Game Loadout Is Set To Cause Cartoonish Mayhem On PS4

A new free to play title is set to hit the PS4 some point in the future in the shape of Loadout, as confirmed by developer Edge of Reality. The game has already released on PC but will be a console exclusive for Sony’s machine, though when it will arrive is not yet known. The main hook for Loadout, outside the over the top violence, is that players can create billions of different weapon combinations to fit their play styles.


The game has already attracted three million players on PC, though I’m 100% sure if there will be cross platform play. However, the blog post says, “We can’t wait to have all of you jumping into the arena with them and covering the walls in more vital fluids than we know what to do with,” so it’s very likely.

Personally I’m yet to really sink time into a free to play title on PS4, but this could be the one that draws me in.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Looks like it could well be a lot of fun! I’ll definitely be giving it a go when it releases.

  2. See Let’s Plays of this and it is fantastic. What a great addition.

  3. Yes yes yes
    Team fortress on acid
    I’m in

  4. It looks totally over the top – I’m in.

  5. That looks brilliant.

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