Free To Play Shooter Loadout Will Shut Down On May 24th

The free to play shooter Loadout, which has been available on PS4 and PC, will be closing down its servers on May 24th due to a few reasons. In a post on Steam the announcement of the shutdown gave reasons including the new GDPR legislation that has been passed in the EU. The team behind Loadout do not have the needed resources to upgrade the game and its systems to be compliant with the new laws.

Additionally, Loadout’s cloud service provider is ending service on one of the main products used by the game, and again the resources aren’t there to move the game to a newer cloud platform. Finally the issue of money and how unaffordable it has become to run Loadout. Income from Loadout hasn’t been growing but the costs have, leading to debts to a point where keeping Loadout online is unsustainable.

Source: Steam

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  1. So with that date and mentioning GDPR as one of the reasons, is it safe to assume “they were up to some shenanigans they won’t be allowed to do anymore” is the real reason?

    GDPR seems to be fairly simple and easy to deal with, unless you’re going down the “let’s work out exactly what the least we’re required to do so we can still sell your data” route. In which case, please, shut down your service now instead.

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