What We Played #159: Watch Dogs, Soul Sacrifice Delta & Bravada

Stefan reports that he “cleft” his way through the last few missions of Saints Row IV with TSA regular Bunimomike. Though it does sound like it was more dragging than cleaving, he felt it necessary to say that it was a good laugh “even if it dragged on a little”. At least I’m assuming he’s talking about the game and not about gaming with Mike…

Other than that he’s carried on where he left off with Watch Dogs last week, e.g., he’s still mainly “titting around” in the game.

Disappointingly, getting a road vehicle on the back of a boat just sees it fall off once the boat is moving. Physics simulations still have a depressingly long way to go in games.

And I don’t know if he’s passing comment on the game’s loading time or something as he wanted to mention that he’s also finished reading a book, Leviathan Wakes. I remember reading John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes years ago, is this a sequel? Anyway, he reckons it’s a good book and for those who don’t like reading it’s being made into a TV show.


Dom reviewed Soul Sacrifice Delta for us this week calling it “a great update to a good game”. After impulse buying Watch Dogs at it’s midnight launch he’s enjoying it more than he thought he would despite not being exactly overwhelmed.

His son has finally managed to help dear old Dad through the tougher spots of The LEGO Movie game:

My son who was super excited [spoiler alert] to discover a spider robot boss towards the end, as they’re two of his favourite things!

If bosses are one of his favourite things already he should have little trouble climbing the corporate ladder. Dan (formerly of the Too variety) is the next to be less than whelmed by Watch Dogs only managing to utter a fairly unconvincing “it’s okay”.

While he doesn’t mention anything about the physics of boat decks he does say the the driving is “terrible”.  “It’s too clunky, and every camera angle hurts my eyes.” He adds that luckily the combat and hacking are better, particularly the focus ability which he’s “loving”.

Bravada is “a fun little game that does suffer from a bit of repetitiveness” but is still worth a look for being a bit different says Aran. Meanwhile, Concursion, which you’ll be able to read about more fully next week is “a mash up of all the things and it can be amazing and frustrating at the same time”.

He’s also been playing some of FIFA 14’s World Cup Ultimate Team where having made the mistake of picking a team to represent England he is now struggling to get out of the group stages. Maybe FIFA’s more realistic than I give it credit for.

Peter is another psyching himself up for the World Cup with FIFA 14:

It’s great that it’s all free, even though it is quite obviously trying to funnel you into buying more FUT card packs. The gameplay is slightly tweaked too, so crosses seem harder to get away with and tackles are a little more tricky to time. Welbeck scored a screamer from about 30 yards out, in case anyone wants to have a little wager on England’s first scorer next week.

Given what the United fans I know have to say about Welbeck that’s not a bet I’d place. Still at least Peter’s also found the time to go and play among real stars not simply overpaid pig’s bladder kickers…

I’ve played a bit more Eve. Still not enough to really know what’s going on but enough that I space-murdered a fool for trying to steal my salvage. I, of course, immediately felt like Captain Mal. I got a new ship as well, it was a gift for delivering documents or something, I’m not really sure. I do tend to just fly around looking at nebulas, rather than actually trying to understand what’s really going on.

A busy week hasn’t left me much gaming time so for a change I’ve hardly played any Warframe. I have taken a Hornet out for a quick spin in Star Citizen’s Arena Commander though.  Very, very pretty. Work also means I’m going to be effectively missing out on E3 so I’m thinking next weekend will be all about the trailers and catching up with all the show’s news here on TSA.

Have you played much this week?



  1. Got my Dead Nation plat-rick on Vita,(following plats on PS3 and PS4). Got to Chapter 5 on Borderlands 2, which I’m rather enjoying.

    On PS4 I’ve played Extinction (100%’ed the second DLC). Played some Watch_Dogs, although I still find it a bit boring – cars are uninteresting and the handling sucks. Story is a bit average. It’s basically GTA5 with much more Square button. Not necessarily a bad thing as GTA was good.

    On PS3 I got up to date with The Wolf Among Us, which I’m still really enjoying. Just one episode to go!

    • Congratulations on the Dead Nation plat-rick.

      • Thanks dude. I’ve definitely had enough of that game for a while! ;)

      • Lol ;)

  2. Not much gaming for me this week. Played the opening hours of Final Fantasy IV on PSP. I also dug out my PS2 to play Black, after an hour or so I gave up as the analogue sticks on my old Dualshock 2 were sticking constantly and squeaking like a panic stricken mouse. Naturally I decided to take it apart and clean it, and promptly lost half of the pieces. Currently have a new one on the way via ebay, and have taken a vow to never disassemble any console peripheral ever again.

  3. Just Watch Dogs. Still loving it. At about 60% now. Need to start doing the more boring stuff (drinking game), otherwise I’m gonna get to the point where that’s all there is left, and inevitably give up. Also got Outlast in the PSN sale, which took absolutely ages to download, but haven’t played it yet.

  4. Finished an got all the trophies for Child of Light that I really enjoyed also played bits an bats of Peggle 2 and Titanfall,a bit of MLB14 and Trials which I’m starting to struggle with the SkillShowcase sessions played a match or 2 of Battlefield 4 last night while downloading the season pass of The Walking Dead Season 2 on Vita so need to start that,speaking of Vita ordered God of War collection and Borderlands 2 for it lastnight,and the rest of the week a healthy dose of the fantastic Mario Kart 8.

  5. Platinumed Infamous Second Son at the start of the week.
    More Trials. Got platinum medal for the first extreme track and completed a few more challenges (up to 106/120).
    Picked up Wolfenstein and Lego The Hobbit to add to my already ever growing ps4 backlog.
    Played some more Mario Kart 8 and Mario Golf on 3DS.

  6. I’ve been playing watch dogs, sly cooper: thieves in time, and also pixeljunk shooter ultimate which I’m enjoying :-)

  7. Lot’s of pick up and play Everybody’s Golf Vita for me, actually managed to get that Watery Wonder – Skip across the water 3 times and land on the fairway today. Harvest Hills Hole 18 first shot off the Tee (lake on the left) which just required a Top Spin with perfect impact (blue) shot and the ball hopped like a frog across lilly pads onto dry land :P
    Still need the Albatross shot, Homing shot and a few characters loyalty levels raising to maximum for the top trophy though!
    Other than that just been blasting around in Ayrton Senna cars from the latest update to GT6 and doing a few academy events.

  8. Definitely about gaming with Mike. ;)

  9. Mostly Watch Dogs for me this week but i’m also savouring PJ Shooter Ultimatea few levels at a time.

  10. Just platted Wolfenstein on PS4 after playing it pretty much all week, and put my claim in for fastest plat – thoroughly enjoyed it and somewhat disappointed it’s over… Nevermind, can always play through it again on the alternate timeline :-)

    Aside from that I’ve been playing a bit of Mario Kart 8 which is great fun, if frustrating on the tougher CC classes!

    Finally, I completed the first episode of PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate. Never really played it on PS3 and am actually quite enjoying it :-)

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