How Not To Play Watch Dogs

I think it’s quite likely that I haven’t been playing Watch Dogs quite like you have. While I’ve done a few story and side missions, the bulk of my time has been spent messing around in the wonderful digital version of Chicago that is in the game. So, while we wait for Jim’s review to come through tomorrow, here’s an instructional video on how not to play Watch Dogs.



  1. Someone at Ubisoft should have been made aware of the defination of ‘knock down’ in the UK. Imagine my surprise when I failed a mission due to knocking down the target with my fire engine.

  2. Nice video for a bank holiday Monday breakfast.

    • WTF?

      I’m in my office, other people are in their offices

      Worst bank holiday ever

    • this has to be the funniest comment today.

  3. My favourite part so far has to be Spider Tank. It’s fairly short lived (the progression tree doesn’t take too much work/grinding) but it’s a great deal of fun smashing everything to pieces.

  4. I’m having fun with the game,trying out a bit of everything. It has it’s limitations, like the lack of a jump button which makes the (ironically french) term ‘parcour’ superfluous. Or the fact you can shoot anyone but the melee is confined to specific targets.
    The game looks good and i feel like i’m getting my money’s worth with the amount of fun stuff there is to do so i think Ubisoft have done a commendable job but there is still room for improvement. Looking forward to your review guys.

    • Lack of jump has pretty big unintended consequences, that and the lack of dedicated melee button is utterly bizarre.

  5. V good video, I’ve spent most of my time messing about in the city, should really do some missions.

  6. i thought i was lazy, but not even being arsed to get out of the car in a game?

    i salute you sir, or i would if i could be bothered. ^_^

  7. After watching this (and Robbaz’s videos on YouTube) I’m starting to suffer with a severe hankering to buy this and just tool about all day in it. Looks fun! :-)

  8. This vid highlights how humourless Watch Dogs is, takes itself far too seriously.

    I’m enjoying the game and really enjoying dicking around. But this dicking around seems to be fun in spite of the game, not because of it.

    • I guess open world games don’t have to have the flexibility to be as daft as GTA, but when you love the dicking about its hard not to make comparisons :) A few people have mentioned the less than stellar graphics, from the videos I’ve watched it looks a bit last-gen-dressed-up to me, is it fair to be disappointed having not played it?

      • If GTAV hadn’t happened, Watch Dogs would have been impressive. Graphics-wise it’s often striking, and only occasionally last-gen looking albeit with better lighting.

        We’ve reached a point where exported videos in a compressed format, uploaded to a video streaming site, complete with yet more compression artifacts is actually limiting.

        Most vids I’ve seen look like a PS3 game with a few more leaves blowing around & some better lighting, but actually playing it… it does look & feel fine.

        GTAV raised the last-gen bar massively though, so Watch Dogs perhaps doesn’t feel a generational leap because of it. But I suppose that’s not really any different to God Of War 2 on the PS2 Vs early PS3 titles, especially cross-platform ones.

      • Thanks for that, I get the feeling you and many others are pleased with the game but not in awe. I’m gonna sit on my wallet a bit longer then, Watch Dogs got me all excited but in the last few days it’s lost it’s edge a bit so I don’t feel the need to splash out on a PS4 just yet.

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