Harmonix Release New Amplitude Details

Following their successful Kickstarter campaign last month, Harmonix are hard at work on the new version of Amplitude which is due to hit PS3 and PS4 in March of next year. Ryan Lesser, the Project Lead for the new title, has released a number of new details , with both music samples and concept art appearing in an update to backers of the project.

Amplitude 4


Unlike the classic PS2 title, and the majority of Harmonix’s more recent output, the new version of Amplitude will feature original music as opposed to licensed tracks. Their sound designer Pete Maguire has revealed a couple of samples from music which may feature in the game, with the soundtrack aiming for an “electronic based feel with tones spanning dark and moody to bright and bouncing”.



Amplitude 2

Lesser also revealed the latest pieces of concept art for the Beatblaster, the ship that you pilot through the game’s musical landscapes.  Artist Lauren Saint-Onge and Lesser are aiming for a “Cyborganic” look for both the craft and the game as a whole. Interestingly the craft will be “moving, blinking and spinning” along with the music as you pilot them, which sounds cool from a visual point of view but could be potentially distracting for players.

Amplitude 1

The final part of the update showcases their ideas for the track lanes themselves, where they “are experimenting with having the pure, musical data encased in a sort of crystalline ‘data-corruption'”. Lesser also adds that he “would love to see whole chunks of the lanes get blown to bits as you successfully release the glowing, musical notes.” which sounds fantastic. The title is targeted to achieve 1080p and 60fps upon its release.

Aplitude 3

As a backer myself I have high hopes for the new Amplitude, and Harmonix look to be taking the game in an interesting and exciting direction. Fortunately the recent redundancies from the company look to have had little impact on the Amplitude project, with the small dedicated team looking set to create a visually and aurally unique rhythm-action game.

Source: Kickstarter



  1. The music sounds good although i thought you might be able to use your own music library – assuming Sony get MP3 playback sorted soon.

  2. I’m so glad this on the way. Amplitude was one of my favourite PS2 games :D

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