Advanced Warfare Leads Xbox E3 Line-Up

Games, games, games. That’s the message Microsoft is bringing to their E3 presser. Kicking off the show, Phil Spencer introduced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

As with multiple entries in the series, Advanced Warfare will have timed-exclusive DLC on Xbox platforms.


Footage was shown from a mission dubbed “Induction”, taking place in South Korea. Story-wise, there’s little to show apart from lead protagonist, Mitchell, and his squad touching down in Seoul via a fancy-looking drop pod.

First impressions? It’s still Call of Duty. Hi-tech weapons and vehicles aside, it’s still focused on reflex shooting. The biggest change here is the new game engine. Not only does it look stunning, it flows seamlessly. Facial animations are a particular point of interest, too.

One of the weapons shown was a shield/gun combo similar to the Auger from Resistance, allowing the player to shoot lasers through cover while still being able to see enemies.

The demo ended with a noble sacrifice from one of Mitchell’s squaddies, blowing himself up to bring down an enemy craft.



  1. About time CoD had a new engine.

  2. you don’t even need to aim grenades now?

  3. Looks surprisingly good. Will keep a keen eye on this.

  4. Is it definately a new engine ?

  5. Looked great, hopefully the footage wasn’t from some £1000 water cooled PC.

  6. Looks so much better than previous COD’s but still seems rather generic and a little boring tbh. Hope it was just that level though and the rest of it is better. Plus MP should be fun!

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