EA Announce PGA Tour

Although we didn’t exactly get to see a lot of the game, EA has just announced PGA Tour during their E3 press conference. It looks like they’re trying to reinvigorate their golfing games, a chunk of their output that does seem to have become stale to some extent in recent years.


So just how are they going to breath new life into golf? By making it as crazy as possible. While it looks like you can go out and play on some of the most classic courses in the world, you can also go completely to the other extreme, with the trailer showing the ability to play a quick round in the middle of a war zone.

Essentially it looks like they’re taking the kind of scenarios you’d see in crazy golf and projecting them onto the scale you’d see in the real world. By mixing that in with the ability to play the real world courses that long time fans of EA’s golf titles will likely demand, they may just be onto something in PGA Tour.

If hitting golf balls in a fantasy setting is your kind of thing, then PGA Tour will be releasing in Spring 2015.



  1. dogleg over the burning battleship?
    is that just a little bit awesome? ^_^

  2. Even next-gen golf games will have massively destructible environments!

  3. Thats just weird! I think I`ll take my next gen golf fix from the more conventional Golf Club…..

  4. Suppose they’ll be putting the multiplayer on the Battlefield servers……

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