(Updated)Resogun DLC Officially Named As Heroes, Includes New Survival Mode

Update: The other mode has been confirmed to as Demolition mode which replaces your guns with a giant wrecking ball to smash obstacles, and limited proximity explosion to take out all the enemy ships flying towards you. There are no bombs or boosts here. Local co-op multiplayer has been confirmed as well as ship editor, both of which will be patched in for free on June 23rd. The Heroes DLC is $4.99 and will launch June 24th.


Original text below:

Housemarque has officially announced that the DLC for Resogun is called Heroes, and will bring with it two new modes as well as patch. However, the studio is only willing to go into details about one mode, Survival, and won’t share any details on what the other mode is nor what the patch will contain. Survival is touted to bring a new, tense experience to the PS4 launch title, essentially making the game harder than it already is.

In this mode players will only have one life with no chance of acquiring more, as well as new enemy types making an appearance to change up the gameplay. Heroes also contains some updated graphics, a new soundtrack, and new sound effects. The mode is all about chasing the high score with that being multiplied by the number of day/night cycles players complete. That’s right day/night cycles are also coming to Resogun.

The humans also make their return but instead of being encased in their personal prisons they’ll be slowly parachuting downwards into the fray, and you won’t have to drop them off at points. Collecting them will be enough to earn extra points. No doubt we’ll hear about a release date, price and the other mode tonight during Sony’s conference.

Source: IGN



  1. Bung the original in a sale then please! :-p

    • It already is ina sal, it’s free on ps+!

      • I’m confused – Do you mean it ,was free on Plus?

        I couldn’t see it in the Plus area of the store when I took a look the other day (after I got my PS4)?

      • Have you tried searching for it? I may be wrong but I thought it was going to be there until drive club takes over as the long running plus game?

      • You may well be right sir – Still not overly familiar with this whole ‘Plus’ thing if am honest.

        Still, if it is available on Plus, I would have thought that it would have been a good idea to pop that in the Plus area of the store – Searching seems a bit too much like hassle in this day & age! :D

  2. Depending on price I’ll buy this, should give me enough reason to get back into the game. Good stuff!

  3. Heroes sounds like an endless/survival mode and i’m guessing the other mode might be local co-op. Looking forward to hearing more tonight.

  4. Sounds lovely, count me in for some more Resogun.

  5. I hope there’s a new planet in there somewhere.

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