Dead Island 2 Will Be Infested With Zombies In Spring 2015

Dead Island 2, a co-operative shooter/survival game is coming to PS4 in Spring 2015. The game has moved its location to California, meaning players are likely to have better access to cars and roads than its island-based predecessor. The game allows players from around the world to team up and face hordes of zombies together as they fight for their lives in a zombie-inhabited world.


Before its release in 2015, Dead Island 2 will be exclusively hosting a 30 day beta on the PS4. To boot, PS4 users will also be given an exclusive character class. Lucky us!



  1. that other Dead Island sequel wasn’t Dead Island 2 then?

    and, was that Jack Black’s voice?
    sure sounded like him.

    a more humorous trailer than the first two games had.
    which is probably more apt if the gameplay is anything like the original.

    • Nah it was called Dead Island: Riptide it was the same location from the first game.

    • I thought it sounded a lot like Jack Black too, however it could also be Mick Wingert (he voices Po in the Kung Fu Panda TV series and sounds virtually identical).

      • there’s a Kung Fu Panda tv series? o_O

      • Indeed there is, it’s called Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

  2. Haha great trailer. I wonder if the humour is reflected more in the game this time?

    Probably seeing as the emotion from the original games trailer wasn’t really captured. We can dream.

  3. I like that trailer although the first one was so amazing and emotional yet unique.
    This was funny but I just hope these side missions should be enjoyable rather than a chore!

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