No Man’s Sky PS4 Gameplay Trailer

No Man’s Sky looks incredible, and it’s coming to PS4. There’s still no release date as of yet, but the gameplay trailer shows a lot of promise. Its developer, Hello Games, is comprised of only four people, yet No Man’s Sky looks to be an enormous, beautiful game with boundless opportunities for exploration and multiplayer play.


The in-game universe is procedurally generated, meaning it contains a virtually limitless number of worlds to journey to. In this universe, players can discover new species of animals on distant planets, fly from planet to planet in their own spacecraft, and battle other space travellers. The variation shown within levels was just as impressive, with the gameplay trailer showing tropical forests, craggy deserts and hectic space battles.

Even space is not limited to being solely black; atmosphere from nearby planets and light from stars add colour to the space environment, keeping the game’s vibrant colours constant wherever they are.

Each player will start on a different planet, but will have the ability to meet up and adventure together once they have mastered space travel. There’s dinosaurs, explosions, spacecraft – everything you need to feel like a little kid again.

I can’t wait.



  1. This games looks simply beautiful, absolutely stunning scenery and a fantastic premise. I can’t wait to play it!

  2. wow, ambitious for such a small team.

    the kind of ambition even Molynuex would shy away from, i suspect.

    but the thing is, it seems that they’ve actually pulled it off.

    an infinite universe, seamless transition from on foot, flying and space travel.
    just how infinite the universe is remains to be seen, but the seamless transitions worked, if that was real time gameplay.
    and from a four person team, unbelievable.

    the only question that remains is, how much fun will it be.
    i think we need to see more of the actual gameplay, like what do you actually do on the planet?
    is there a crafting system?
    do you buy the ship?
    can you upgrade it?
    can you build stuff?

    the space combat seems smooth enough.

    anyway, i can’t wait.

  3. Still looking wonderful, and now the sinister diamond logo thingy pulses with intriguing menace, if I wasn’t totally hooked before I absolutely am now!

  4. This looks phenomenal – I can’t wait for it to come out. The fact it comes from such a small team is ridiculous.

  5. Dinosaurs and spaceships… I’m in.

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