Rainbow Six: Siege Breaks The Silence Of The Franchise

Ubisoft’s E3 2014 media briefing has just come to a close in rather spectacular style, with six minutes or so of a brand new Rainbow Six title – Siege – being shown on screen.

Although very early pre-alpha footage, the demo gives us a good look at Siege’s “destruction and fortification” close-quarter gameplay, which sees two teams face off in what is essentially a round of Capture The Flag, with Olivia, the human flag, and some beautifully destructive environments.

Rainbow Six Siege gives players on both sides unprecedented control, with the defensive team able to reinforce walls and floors, use barbed wire, and deploy mines – all while the attacking squad layout their plans to breach the enemies’ using observation drones, sheet charges, rappelling, and more.

Rainbow Six: Siege – headed up by the talented team over at Ubisoft Montreal – is currently touted for a 2015 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC.



  1. Although it was “very early pre-alpha footage” it was impressive, the only thing I would win in this game would be the player killed the most.

  2. Not really my cuppa, but nice to have a surprise! Presume Patriots has evolved into this then now?

    • Patriots was effectively canned. This is a new game – built from the ground up – to focus on new ideas, and next-gen. Or so said the chap at the post-show.

  3. Please have this level of destructibility in terrorist hunt mode and I’ll be a very happy chappy. God it’s been too long waiting for another Rainbow Six game.

  4. Rain to the Bow to the motherf**king Six!!!
    Now that’s what I’m talking about.

    Better watch the trailer… & it better have Terrorist Hunt.

    • +1 for Terrorist Hunt. I’m sure during the first 12 months of me owning a PS3, 50% of that time was spent playing TH on R6: Vegas :D

  5. Hell yeah! My only problem with these type of games is the need to find a group of players that will work as a team, rather than half the randoms being lone wolves/dicks. Not to mention every PS4 comes with a mic, yet games where communication is important like BF4 are silent because everyone is off in their own lobbies…

    Wonder if it’ll have a single player or bot filled (co-op) component?

    Although I was hoping for something new about Patriots I guess we can write that one off now which is a great shame, such an amazing concept :(

  6. Has been my game of the show so far. Yes its pre alpha at the moment but I’ve waited 6 long years for the return of my favourite shooter franchise. Could not stop smiling throughout the whole video :)

  7. Looks awesome. With TSA you know you will be able to find a team that will actually work well together at least!

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