Sony Announce PlayStation TV’s UK Pricing

During their E3 media event Sony announced that the PlayStation TV would be coming West this Autumn, but sadly gave us no exact date, and only North American pricing.

Speaking today however, Sony have revealed that the little black box of tricks – which allows you to stream PS4 content to a remote TV or play Vita games on the big screen, as well as granting access to PlayStation Now services – will retail for £85 here in the UK.


Unfortunately, that RRP will get you a micro-console and not a lot else. There’s currently been no announcement of a DualShock or Memory Card being bundled, although we can expect to see these at a later date, as was mentioned during Tuesday’s conference. Retailers may well also create their own bundles, offering discounts to potential buyers this Christmas.

Source: T3.



  1. £85? Or $99 in the US?

    Of course, as must always be pointed out, US prices won’t include taxes.

    So convert that $99 to proper money. Add 20% VAT. Add 20% again, because reasons. You get £85, or near enough.

    • I think the US taxes argument is pretty meaningless, its only 8%. However, this is a bit better than I originally expected.

      But yeah, that extra 20%…

  2. If that’s RRP it may even be a little less, say around £75. Either way, not bad for a very useful piece of hardware! I would have bought one regardless of price.

    • Word! All over this. Finally get to play Wipeout2048!

      Btw, can you use dualshock 4 with these, or just dualshock 3?

      • Well the press shots show a DS3 and a DS4, so I’d say so, I was a bit confused about this too, I mean how would you play PS4 games with no touchpad. (start/select could easily be mapped to options/share).

      • Both!

      • Great! A DS4 bundle would be a touch. Kill 2 birds…

      • Both

      • We’ll I’ve just tried again to get a ds4 to work with the PSVTV & I can’t get it to work. The ps4 looks for the controller while wired, but no amount of button pressing does any good! I hope this is fixed soon & that more games get a patch to use the ds4, instead of ds3! I’m still hoping that TxK will be patched to be compatible with ds4! I really wanna see that game on a big screen!! :)

  3. Be interesting to see what the gamer bundle comes in at – a Dualshock 3 on its own is still £40-£50. I’m definitely planning on picking one up for our bedroom.

  4. Well thats bloody good.

    • Yep, nice to see that $99 doesn’t equal £99.

  5. that’s not too bad.

    i’ve got a spare 8gig memory card, and a spare DS3 so there wouldn’t be any extra outlay there, for me at least.

    oh, and that T3 link is a tiny little bit broken.

  6. I don’t see it being any useful in my household, but I might just buy one to make use of my old 32GB memorycard. It still requires those daft Vita-only cards right?

  7. Slightly off topic, I’ve broke the screen on my Vita, of which I’m devastated. I can’t get on my Vita my to deactivate it and my 2 kids have the other 2 slots. I’ve tried to deactivate my Vita through internet. Will I have to phone Sony?

    I used wished there was extra slot for Ps TV too or will it use separate activate system?

    • Pretty certain they increase the count from 2 to 3 to allow for Vita Tv.

      • They have already done that. I have 3 in the house at the moment. Just 1 happens to be broke.

    • When you phone Sony, they’ll just tell you to ‘deactivate all’ online and then reactivate the working devices manually.


      Use that you can deactivate all the consoles you have activated :) Hope that helps.

      • Thanks to all here. I think I’ve got it sorted now.

        Just for me to buy a Vita tomorrow. It’s been a very expensive few weeks for me :(

  8. This is good. Hope it lets you watch Bluray by remote too.

  9. I’m in :-)

  10. I’ve missed something, isn’t this a Vita TV but rebranded? I’m deeply confused at the similar looking hardware and cryptic references to Vita games with no acknowledgement of the Japanese product.

    • Wow, I just noticed that I even commented on the Vita TV article two days ago, what a wally! Right then, so it’s the Vita TV with a new name, not at all confusable with Play TV or the ‘PlayStation TV’ 3D monitor from a few years ago. Great sounding console, stupid new branding.

      • Yeah they took away away the Vita name and rebranded it to PlayStation TV. This was due to consumer response apparently. Others say differently.

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