Explore A Mythological Japan In Onigiri As Free To Play Title Confirmed For PS4

The first hint that Onigiri was coming to PS4 came during Sony’s E3 conference when a free to play trailer was shown off, which showed footage of the MMORPG mixed in. Now CyberStep Inc, the studio behind this free to play title, has confirmed the game will be launching on the PS4 this summer, though a solid release date is yet to be confirmed. The game is quite distinctly a MMOJRPG featuring a Japan that is home to Youkai, the country’s versions of demons and spirits.


Your character won’t be required to choose a class when you start the game, as instead CyberStep has decided to allow players to forge their own more natural progression path free of limitations classes could bring. The player has eight AI companions too who appear to be rather scantily clad. Onigiri is already available to play on PC, and since its launch in January has gained over 500,000 players. It’ll definitely add a bit of variety to the line up at least.

Source: PS Blog



  1. A lack of classes is an interesting idea for an RPG. It’ll lead to everyone going for one of a handful of similar builds anyway.

    Or maybe people getting confused and building some weird hybrid class that isn’t very effective.

    I suspect it’s free to play with an expensive option to rebuild your character when you discover what you’ve got doesn’t work.

    Totally impractical “armour” is quite possibly the normal situation for JRPGs these days. Some people might find it offensive, or wildly inappropriate. I just think it’s funny. Stupid characters presenting an obvious large target for enemies to hit, protected by a tiny bra.

    I’m predicting all sorts of similarly attired men of slightly ambiguous sexuality too. And possibly bits that have to be removed for western audiences.

  2. Ah yes, can’t beat a bit of fanservice down at the ol’ hotsprings.

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