Everybody’s Gone To Rapture And Minecraft PS4 Trailers

Apologies for lumping these two trailers together but they did not really warrant a post by themselves. I am sure you are all fully aware what Minecraft is, and it’s just a little bit shinier on PS4.

Everybody’s Gone to Rapture looks utterly gorgeous, almost like an water colour painting, but this trailer is very short and tells us very little about the game.


It does feature a corn field and anyone who has watched a movie, for example Gladiator, will know corn fields mean Heaven. Possibly. Who knows, the game is being produced by Sony Santa Monica so is bound to be fantastic whatever it turns out to be.

Source: YouTube 1/2


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  1. Very keen to see how EGTTR turns out but that trailer is crap. Meh. :-( I never normally say this but what a waste of time for them to even put it together. Oh, well.

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