Jessica Curry To Host New Video Game Music Show On Classic FM

Video game music has become a pretty big deal over the last few years, and numerous examples of game soundtracks have made their way into the Classic FM Hall of Fame, as voted for by the general public. The radio station are set to embrace this further with the launch of a new show dedicated to symphonic video game music.

Starting on Saturday 22nd April in the 9PM to 10PM slot, it will run for six weeks, and will be hosted by Jessica Curry, co-founder of The Chinese Room and the composer of the sublime soundtracks for Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.

Definitely one to tune in for if you like a good original soundtrack.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Can’t wait till she gets something wrong & the phone call abuse start rolling in

    • Um… why?

      • Lol that came out wrong, I meant hope she doesn’t offend the ‘people’ cause she will get trolled on with phone calls & tweets. You know fanboys

      • Ha! Yeah, that did come out a bit wrong…

      • I would make a “But that’s not what brits are like.” joke but erm….

        Brexit stole my excuse to make a sterotypical joke!

        I think, they will be heavily screening calls due to erm…. a minority of asshats giving us all a bad name.

  2. Why do i get the feeling that my phone does not get Classic FM?

    I do wonder how they will deal with certain publishers? Some really don’t like people listening to soundtracks for free and probably will demand a huge sum. And then there’s Konami

    Has there been a feck Konami of late? No? Ok. Feck Konami.

    • Radio stations have to pay to broadcast music. Someone collects money from them and even gives some of it to the people that wrote and performed it.

      • I know but some publishers(and a certain japanese company who i won’t mention but are known for a certain italian plumber) can be really picky with who gets to use their music. I can see a lot of soundtracks not being played.


        Final Fantasy on a saturday! :D :D :D :D :D :D!

        Sorry, just had a bit of a realisation.

        (Bet my fecking phone refuses to pick it up though. Bloody Microsoft even though it is more likely to be the signal and me not knowing for certain if i can get it or not but shuddup, i like complaining because I’m almost a mid-20s fella and kinda fall outside the happy 20s, moody 30s. :P )

  3. That’s pretty cool, I’ll be hitting record.

  4. She is fab but as someone who is also in the process of opening an online radio station licencing in game music is an absolute nightmare in the UK. We have 2 bodies that both demand fees but dont give you access to the full livrary of music they cover because they dont do carte blanche so you have to negociate fees directly with other companies and suppliers. Its hell for the indie scene and unsigned music along with any company not sogning up to the british licensing system. I hope they have an easier time than I am.

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