Gorgeous Screens From The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Good morning, how is everyone today? It’s a tad quiet here in TSA Towers, our intrepid E3 explorers have yet to surface and the rest of the staff are quietly recovering from what must have been the busiest week ever on the site in terms of the amount of news and features posted.

However, there is no rest for the wicked – which probably explains why I’m the only one around this morning – and it falls to me to bring you a massive wodge of screenshots for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


The screens show of some seriously impressive lighting, detailed character models and if you look really closely at one of the shots, a flash of underboob. Saucy!

Source: VG246


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  1. I think those boys owe you a breakfast when they get back Tuffcub. Expecting you to hold the fort while they are recovering from their Jolly boys outing, its just not on.

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