Watch Link Go To Battle In Six Minutes Of Hyrule Warriors

Hello, still just me in TSA Towers, god knows where everyone else is today, sleeping off pints of margarita and burgers so large they need planning permission, probably.

Anyways, E3 is done and dusted and I shall let you in to a little secret: you probably have a better idea what went on than I do. The problem is we are all busy tapping away at our keyboards writing up a single story and then ten other things happen which someone else covers and we don’t have time to read them as we’re already writing up something else. Like Hyrule Warrriors, which is coming to Wii U and I only found out about a few minutes ago.


I have to say I am quite impressed, it’s the first game that has made me want a Wii U as it’s not Mario Kart, Mario World or smegging Zelda. It does feature Link and some cutesy graphics but it also has some impressively large boss battles. Obviously I’m not going to buy a Wii U just for this but it’s a step in the right direction for Nintendo at least.

The developers have also released some new screens for the game which look passable. Not fantastic mind you, it appears no one in the game has a shadow and the technique of anti-aliasing has bypassed the console, but at least it’s quite colourful.

Source: All Games Beta



  1. During Nintendos absolutely brilliant Treehouse @ E3 show, there was quite a bit of gameplay demoed, you’ll find a link at the end of my comment for the first time they showed it, with Zelda-bossman Aonuma talking about it. It’s basically a Warriors game, even made by Omega Force and Team Ninja and supervised by Nintendo. It looks like a lot of fun and features a variety of playable characters.

    And in this video there is very clearly dynamic shadows for every character.

    • Just had a look at the video in the article, there’s shadows there as well.

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