The Last Of Us Remastered Steelbook Edition Appears On Amazon Germany

If you’re in Germany, you should probably pre-order The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 from Amazon right now. That’s not because the game is amazing (it is) or because Amazon offer quick service (they usually do) but because of the amazing box that it comes in.


Just look at it. It’s beautiful, and exclusive to Now, that doesn’t rule out a UK release for the steelbook edition, but we’ve not heard anything about it yet, and this is the only place it has popped up so far.

Let’s hope that a retailer in the UK also gets this pre-order bonus ahead of the game’s August 1st release. It definitely seems like one worth putting your money down for, at least compared to bonus skins, extra health or anything of that ilk.

Source: Reddit



  1. Someone’s just pointed out that the text on the side is going the wrong way. I don’t want it any more.

    • Ha, that was the first thing I noticed – not sure I can handle that.

  2. Really don’t get the obsession with steelbooks. Just makes certain games look really out of place in your collection IMO. I’d much rather have crappy plastic boxes if it means that all your games at least look similar.

    Although I suppose they are good if you want to build a set of steps (or a mini platform maybe?) out of your games & have them not break when you step on them of course.

    Aside from that though, the direction of the text on the side is really off-putting.

  3. well that’s my Feng shui out the window!
    no wait i can put the case in my collection upside down,,bugger that would mean that the front cover will be wrong…argghhhhh!

  4. I’ve never really understood collectors editions for games. What will people play them on in say 20 years when you can’t get hold of a working console anymore? By then we’ll all probably be streaming our games anyway. It’s the same with blurays and dvds. In 15 years, who will want to buy a steelbook bluray? They do look nice though.

    • I have loads of collectors editions, and I guess they are just for me to appreciate, not for me to sell on for a profit further down the line. I mostly get them for the soundtracks, art books and exclusive DLC. Not too fussed about the pretty packaging ;)

      • and i’m the other way around! i want the pretty packaging, cause for me it means that this is a game i was hyped for or really loved the prequal and hoping for an equally good game :) art-books and exclusive DLC is just a bonus for me :)

      • Good to see you pop up MJB! ;)

      • u didn’t think i was gone now did ya? ;)

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