Watch The 30 Minute E3 Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay Demo [Video]

Konami and Kojima Productions have posted a lengthy look at all things MGS on their YouTube channel. It’s mostly in Japanese so the less linguistically adept among us won’t be able to follow much. Luckily, they translate and narrate for the gameplay demo, which starts at around 50 minutes in the above video.



  1. Wow! Colour me very impressed with the graphical quality and the stealthy gameplay. It’s been a good few iterations MGS since I last played so I might well dip in to this one.

  2. Please come out in 2015! I made the mistake of playing Ground Zeroes last month and now I cannot wait for the final release.

  3. Mother Base looks brilliant, the game is beautiful and no doubt the gameplay will keep us fans happy. I cannot wait!

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