Infamous: First Light’s Release Date Confirmed By Sony

Yesterday the release date for Infamous: First Light was discovered on the PS Store. Now Sony’s Facebook page  has just confirmed an EU release date of August 27th for inFamous: Second Son’s first major expansion. It’s likely that North America will get the game on the 26th. First Light was revealed at E3 as a stand-alone game that doesn’t require the original to play, and focuses on Fetch, one of the conduits Delsin finds in the main game.

With Second Son spending such little time fleshing out its side characters, it’s nice to see this expansion focusing on one of them. Now, have some pretty art.


First Light

Source: Facebook



  1. Should have finished the last of us by then :) I do think that they’ve put it a little too close to destiny though.

  2. inFAMOUS Kavinsky :-p

  3. I’m glad it’s standalone since I traded the original in after about 4 days as I’d platinum’d it!

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